Hello everyone~ I’m currently busy with finals so sorry from disappearing (again) from blogging nyoo

Anyways, I recently discovered this brand called Luna Limited and had a chance to buy from their taobao store wakuwaku They describe their label as “multi-fashion elements based on the basic style” which is “handsome but feminine” and “is a combination and crash from the essence from Japanese and European style” :girl2

Browsing through their online store, I really like the fashion image they project. Their coordination and items are pretty basic but the clothing detail makes them stand out :chuuu I like this type of casual and fresh look :shinyred

I usually get very carried away when I buy from taobao, so I decided to restrict myself to 2 items from their store :3seal Also it’s Winter here and they didn’t really have the type of clothing I was looking for in this cold temperature. So I bought these pair of grey shorts and space printed stockings! Just a note, I don’t really read traditional or simplified Chinese, so I’m not going to attempt to translate anything lol :emb


I am totally in love with these shorts that I got :wheeeeee They’re really well made, comfortable and the lining is sooo soft, I love the fabric that they’ve used to construct it. They cost roughly AUD18 (without the shipping cost) which I think is fairly cheap. Sizing-wise, I chose XS and they fit me pretty well, it’s just a bit loose around my waist but it’s not a big problem. The shorts have 4 pockets, 2 at the back and 2 at the side :3



Sorry for the crappy night shot

This year I’ve been on the hunt for space/nebula/galaxy related items, so I was pretty happy to see these space stockings rabu I’ve seen galaxy leggings online but leggings don’t suit my leg shape :sobbb Also this type of pattern is different from others that I’ve seen (it has a full moon!) so I thought I might as well get them :shinyred


They cost roughly AUD10 which is an ok price I guess? But it’s kinda unique so I would buy it regardless (unless it was like $20+ lol). As a short person, they just fit me, so I wouldn’t really recommend you get them if you’re over 160~5cm. The material is a bit thin, so they’re probably best to be worn in Autumn or Spring.


Just a note because they are printed, the pattern/image stretches and doesn’t “bounce” back lol, which I also guess is due to the fabric the stockings are made out of. So when you wear them, the print can look lighter and the tights become a big sheer, depending on how much they stretch on your legs. As you can see here, it’s not too bad unless someone’s looking at your legs upclose.


I’ve become a big fan of this store and hope to wear more of their items :raburabu If you buy from taobao and like this type of style, I hope this review was sort of useful :peace


  1. FFFFF your stockings are pretty fab if I have to say so myself! I love love love space themed clothing– and that full moon is defiantly unique (amongst all the nebula and stars) lolol!

    Btw, you have the perfect legs. <3

  2. The shorts are super cute, but I’m not sure if I like the luna limited label there. The tights look awesome though!

  3. i love both of the items you got.. Those shorts are really versatile & cute at the same time.. I do also feel the “handsome” vibe on it!
    Does your taobao agent ships internationally? or just around your location?
    I can’t find really good agent around here ;A;

    The print looked even more celestial when it stretched ^_^ coz the print looks a bit cartoon-ish but turns realistic when the material is sheer :D

    • I usually use Taobao Now or Taobao Spree but this time my friend’s friend helped me order from Taobao. I highly recommend those two, though Taobao Now only accepts card (the last time I checked) and Taobao Spree charges paypal fees. I’ve had lovely service using both.

  4. I adore the stockings :D I’m seeing it almost everywhere, but nowhere to be found in stores where I live haha

  5. woww i loveee the galaxy tights! and i agree, i love the galaxy trend! i’m checking them out now~ though i seriously wish i can read chinese instead of reading google translate! lol!

  6. Awww! I really love your new purchases!! I want to have them too! ; A ; too bad I already shopped too much this month… Dx

  7. Ohh those shorts are cute as~
    You should totally get the Black Milk ones it’s worth it! xD
    I never used to like leggings but ever since I got their galaxy ones I’m addicted haha.
    I prefer them with a foot too, but since I’m short the leggings are long enough so I can pull them under my foot and they look fine when I wear them with converse/boots/whatever.
    /over promoting ahahah;;

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