Whenever I go to class, I usually bring my backpack since I have so many things to carry :sweat I used to carry around a tote bag but then I realised wearing a backpack is much better as the weight is even distributed and it keeps my hands free, incase I have to travel standing up on the bus :peace

Since people usually post these “what’s in my bag” posts, I thought it’ld be more interesting if I showed what I usually carry to and from class. So this is my floral backpack which I currently use and what I usually lug around lol :music

What's in my uni backpack :3

1. Mini umbrella
2. Drink bottle
3. iPad 2
4. Textbooks
5. iPhone 4s
6. Exercise book
7. Cosmetic pouch
8. Pencil case
9. Wallet
10. Pass holder
11. Nintendo 3DS

I usually carry around a lot of things incase I get bored or if I get thirsty I can save a few $$$ by bringing my bottle etc. I think it’s always important to be prepared beforehand megane I carry around my 3DS as it has a built in pedometer (I think it’s always interesting to see how many steps I’ve taken) and it interacts with other 3DS consoles :3

I used to bring my netbook to class, but then it started to overheat so I purchased a laptop. But since it weights 3kg+, it’s much more convenient to carry a tablet around :ugh2  I wish the iPad had a usb port lol, but I like it because so far, I’ve found the iPad’s touch screen is the most responsive compared to the tablets by Acer, Asus etc and I already have an Apple account with apps, so I can transfer the compatible apps :chubby

Yes, I'm an Apple fan

These are some of my makeup items which I usually carry around with me :heart2 I usually don’t wear heavy makeup to class, only when I wear circle lenses.


These are some of my textbooks. So much kanji to memorise this semester :sobsob


This is my Mamegoma pencil case which I received as a birthday gift a few years ago puuu I actually don’t write much using pens anymore since I usually take down my notes electronically, but it’s always useful to have a few pens on hand. Or in my case, many  :teehee I used to collect and buy a lot of pens, so now I have too many :emb


So what do you usually bring to class? :orange


  1. Everything you carry is so cute (except for the textbooks)! I used to carry a tote bag too but like you, I realized that my shoulder took such a beating since my textbooks are not only huge, but hardcover and I’d have to carry several a day for my classes.

    I always carry a water bottle with me since I prefer drinking water to anything else and it saves money! Aww, you carry an arpakasso around! I usually carry some kawaii plush with me whenever I’m out except for school. I have too many books and notebooks (lunch too) that there’s no room! But I do have a kawaii plush keychain that I hang on my bag so it’s just as good :)

    • Ah yes, hardcover textbooks are a pain :sweat

      I used to have a mameshiba on my bag, but then I lost the sliver chain for it.

  2. cute bookbag!! i really like the floral print ^_^ i like to bring my own water too..much more affordable~

    it doesn’t seem like you carry much lol. everything is so cute and nicely kempt, love that!

    how do you like the dollywink eyeshadow? i have the same palette. very useful for on the go right? it’s practically weightless..

    ouu you take japanese too? how long have you been taking japanese? i’m still a beginner lol (only took it for one year). i love it though!


  3. UUH~ I love this kind of post! Its always interesting to see what kind of stuff other people carry in their bags!
    Can I say that you have the most cute backpack EVER! I love it!
    I used to have one to, but then I started to feel a lot of pain in my back, so I desided to use a postman bag (Idk if the name in Australia is that, but is a normal side bag) ^^”


  4. I used a tote bag in college and grad school, and I think my shoulders are uneven now as a result :/ I never carried much though, just my netbook, notes, pencil case, a planner, my keys, and a ID holder which holds my ID and credit card.
    I was actually debating between a netbook and an Ipad for class, but I didn’t think taking notes with an Ipad would be very convenient, so I didn’t get one. Do you use yours for class or just for fun?

    Omg, I used the same textbook and workbook (Intermediate Japanese) for my Japanese class!! I actually still have it, though it’s just sitting on a shelf right now. Really should re-read it and brush up on my Japanese =w=

  5. Adorable items! I love your pouches and wallets. :3 I usually just bring whatever textbook I need to class and dress like a hobo (boyfriend isn’t around–who cares what I look), haha. Though sometimes I do feel like dressing up: circle lenses, doublelid tape, and falsies included. On those days I usually carry a a small makeup pouch for retouches, and one those days my classmates don’t recognize me at first. xD Horrible.

    Your floral backpack is so cute. /)^3^(\

  6. Your backpack is cute and organised!! You’re perfectly prepared (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) … If only I could say the same thing about mine.. It is usually my bf who does the packing because usually I’m in such a rush!! Sometimes I forget my books and sometimes my mobile phone.. yeah..
    I love the ipad!!! it’s so useful!

    wow you have so much tech with you! *feels like a caveman* and you’re so neat it’s cute!! TwT!!! i agree, bringing a bottle or water saves so much money! i also get really paranoid that my throat will all of a sudden get really dry and i’d need water to save it! lol

    hmmm well to class, i usually bring my folder with all my school crap in it with looseleaf paper…and my bottle of water and my wallet and stuff like that :)

  8. What a good idea :)
    You seem so prepared! I usually bring snacks to class. Wait, I also bring pens and papers, too…of course -shifty eyes- Sometimes I bring my macbook, but it’s so heavy, but it really depends on the class.

  9. Adorable items! You do carry a lot with you. But it’s good that you have your own bottle of drink in your bag! That really saves up the money! :) I don’t go to school anymore but I used to took my macbook with me with some pencils, but that’s all! :)

  10. I know how it feels! I carry a Jansport backpack even though it almost sort of looks ridiculous on a University student at our school since everyone’s using a sidebag, a satchel, etc. It’s just far more convenient, and I can fit almost everything in it minus my 1500 page Biology book which a huge pain to carry. (Minus the fact it makes me feel smart every time I carry it. =)

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