Did you know that the first Saturday in May every year is Free Comic Book Day? megane That means if you go to participating stores, you can get a free comic from the selection they have yoohooo I heard about it last year, so I decided to check it out at Kinokuniya this year since I was going to the city anyways.

At first I thought I’ld get the Mouse Guard one, but then I saw they were giving out manga as well, so I decided to get Gate 7 by CLAMP. I’ve actually never heard of this series before but the cover looked interesting ahaha It’s a pity it’s vol 2 though, I’ll have to go find vol 1 to read OTL

Kinokuniya also had a 20% off all comic and manga so I bought Chocomimi vol 5 and Ore to Atashi no Kareshi-sama :peace I don’t really read manga anymore but I always have a soft spot for Chocomimi since I used to read it when it was in Ribon when I was 13~16. Kinokuniya doesn’t sell it in Japanese and at the time I didn’t buy manga online, so I buy it in English lol :phew Otherwise nowadays I only buy manga in Japanese in hopes of improving my reading skills :whistle

Free Comic Book Day!

Sadly, I don’t have any more photos to share of the Comic Day event at Kinokuniya, coz I had to quickly leave to attend a doll meet :3seal It took place in the Korean cafe again, they’re so nice to let us take photos of the dolls around their cafe lol  :up This time I only brought my smaller dolls since I was going out for dinner and didn’t want to carry my heavier ones around all day :sweat

May Doll Meet 2012
My boy dolls with P's!
May Doll Meet 2012
Beautiful BlueFairy dolls puuu

I also brought my Masamune Nendoroid since I haven’t had a chance to take photos of him in daylight since I’ve been coming home late from uni this week. I got him in the mail a few days ago from Rakuten squeeheart I usually don’t collect anime type figurines but Nendoroids look so cute and Masamune Date is my favourite warlord, so I though I might as well get him :chubby The quality and paint job is awesome!

"Let's Party!"

After the doll meet, I quickly ran to the cinema to watch The Avengers in 3D! The movie was fantastic! ubershinyeyes I highly recommend anyone to watch it even if you don’t follow Marvel comics. Personally I don’t, but I usually watch Marvel movie adaptations :happy I found the movie very engaging and there’s some funny bits which I loved :satisfied It was worth paying a few dollars extra to watch it in 3D.

The movie was awesome!
What do ticket stubs look like where you're from?

For dinner I had Chinese food at Crazy Wings  happymeal Apparently their chicken wings are supposed to be really spicy and hot, but when we ate them, they were only a bit spicy haha nyoro They tasted really good though, especially the honey soy ones :drool Coz we spent $35 on dinner, we got a $10 voucher to spend on their chicken wings for out next visit superpowerz I’ll definitely be back to eat them again.

Lamb skewers
Fried rice

And we had frozen yoghurt again for dessert. I think I’m currently in a frozen yoghurt phase, though in the city there aren’t many places to eat frozen yoghurt NG

Mixed green tea and plain frozen yoghurt with strawberries!

Usually I don’t have such a busy day when I go out, but today I had a lot of things to do and people to meet! auau I guess it makes up for the fact that I haven’ been able to go out for the past few weeks due to assessments awesomepoop


  1. so glad to see your entries again! missed your gorgeous doll, food and haul posts ;3;♥

    you people in sydney are so lucky to have kino there! i swear there are NO STORES in melbourne that participated in the free comic book day, and even if there were– they probs won’t offer some amazing selection sighhh… i really need to go visit you one day!!

  2. OMG! WHY DON’T WE HAVE COMIC BOOK DAY HERE T^T I would be the happiest person on the whole world *sobbing*
    Congrats for all the great buys and delicious food!
    Kisses :3

  3. Wow! I wish we have a Free Comic Book Day too!! :) That would be really awesome!! :)
    I agree that the movie The Avengers is really a must-see! :) I’ll rate it 10 out of 10! :) I’ve never read any of the Marvel comics (except some excerpts that you’ll see over the internet) :P But I enjoyed watching the movie!! :)

  4. kinokuniya! I love that place~ The interior is really relaxing, right? Feels very much like i’ve stepped into Japan when I go into the store. We have one in NYC too :D great place to pick up Japanese fashion magazines. Those dolls are so cutely and fashionable dressed..probably the most fashionably dressed dolls I’ve ever seen! green tea ice cream is my favorite. looks good! :D


    • Kinokuniya’s one of my favourite places to visit, I also like the magazines and books they stock chuchu:

  5. Wahh? Free comic book day? I had no idea! But then again, I don’t know of any comic book stores around where I live, so I guess it wouldn’t matter to me either way :X

    I can’t wait to see The Avengers, I’ve been hearing all these great things about it! However, my boyfriend and I are trying to avoid the rush, so I guess we’ll be waiting a few more weeks before we actually go see it.

    • Ahhh I see, I also like it when there’s not too many people in the cinema. It’s also easier to get the good seats without booking beforehand XD

  6. Cool! Free comic books :D I use love reading manga, but not so much now since I’m too lazy to find good ones to read hehe They sound so nice to let you take pictures in their cute cafe :D Such amazing dolls! I can’t afford one =( I always wanted to collect them, but they’re so expensive T__T;;;

    I haven’t watched the movie yet, but everyone is raving about it! Must be really good! And in 3D?? That’s amazing haha

    It’s so strange whenever I go to a restaurant to try out their super “spicy” food, I end up very disappointed because it’s not even spicy-spicy. I guess I have very high tolerance to spicy food compare to most people. I love spicy food hehe It’s getting warm here =( Your frozen yogurt looks delicious

    • You should really go see it if you have the chance! :)

      I actually can’t eat spicy food (like Malaysian curry) so I’m guessing the person who told us that their wings are spicy must have an even lower tolerance than me XD

  7. I wish I knew about this! *o*

    Then again…going to Kinokuniya for me would cost about $15 a trip, it wouldn’t have been that free for me. = =;;

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