Today I attended a birthday party for my friend, J, who turned 21 on the 8th :star2 I still can’t believe that I’m 21 and that my friends are too, or are turning. I still remember the days when we were together in highschool, though we graduated nearly 4 years ago :Aa I think time seems to go by faster as you get older :XD


The party was held in a park and it was a lovely sunny day, though was so windy and cold! :sweat I’m so glad I wore my duffle coat, I wore my hood for most of the day :huuu

Nice sunny day but it's super windy!
Looks can be deceiving!

Besides the wild weather, I had a great time catching up with my friends. The theme of the party was about childhood games so there were activities like 3 legged racing, fishing as many marbles as you can from the tray using chopsticks etc. :peace

My friend’s sister, i eat sweet…,  made a super cute panda cake and cakepops for the party which were super cute and delicious squeeheart  Her cakes have super sweet icing which I love! I think the icing is usually the best part of the cake puuu

Birthday cake!!

This was my first time hearing and seeing cakepops. I guess they’re just like cake lollipops? lol :teehee

Cake on a stick :3

The inside :D
Delicious red velvet cake

And here’s the photo of another cakepop, and a slice of the panda cake. This cakepop had carrot cake inside I also got to eat a chunk of icing which was one of the panda’s paws (or foot?) lol :blood

I like icing :D

After eating the cake, the rest of the day was spent taking photos and poloroids. I’ve been wanting to get a Fujifilm one for ages, since it’s easy to find the film and it’s not too expensive if I buy in bulk, but I always get easily distracted and buy other things lamelol Some of the shots got over exposed due to the bright sun, but we managed to get a few good shots :raburabu

Birthday snaps :3


  1. Vermillion, what the hell!? you always have the most amazing parties and birthday bashes and food feasts to attend to! Super jelly over here ;__;

    and the panda cake is amazing! <3

    • Lol, not really XD My friends just like to celebrate a lot, and in style? XDD

      As you become older, i’m sure most of your friends and you will get part time jobs and then you can spend more on food and celebrations 8D

  2. That party looked like so much fun! The cake is adorable and I love cake pops! I wish I was 21 again, just turned 24 and I feel old and not very wise -_-

  3. happy birthday to your friend! and for sure..time definitely DOES pass by faster when you get older T_T
    glad you had fun!

    OMGAH SUPER CUTE CAKE!! PANDAAAAAA!!! and icing!!! i prefer icing SO MUCH over cream!!!

    and the photos look lovely! i haven’t had a cakepop either. i want one!

  4. I’m a huge fan of children’s games, so naturally I loved the theme of the party you attended xD The cake is super cute, and so are the cake pops! I really want to try the latter, they look yummy!

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