Looking to add some cuteness to your stationery collection? Or maybe you have an eye out for something cute, cool and quirky but you’re not sure where to start searching? Then you should check out Cool Pencil Case!  squeeheart

Remember how I blogged about them a few months ago? Well they’ve got a lot more cute items that I thought I’ld share  :raburabu

This time their range of alarm clocks caught my attention. They have these cute alarm clocks which look like juice box cartons and you can get them in your favourite drink/flavour! :up They’re the perfect bedside companion if you like food related items like me  :hearteye2

Which one would you choose?

Or maybe you’re a heavy sleeper and need something with a bit more zing to get you awake? Take a look at the Aim and Shoot alarm clock! As the name suggests, you’ll need to aim and shoot the target to hit to stop the alarm :star2 You can also record your favourite song as the alarm tune  :peace How’s that to get you wide awake and thinking in the morning?

Aim for the target!


They also have these super cute dress up stickers ubershinyeyes I guess I’m a bit old to be using stickers everywhere lol, but I still love to collect them for ideas and inspirations when I’m drawing :wheeeeee

You can choose to either accesorise and clothe girls, or Rilakkuma and his friend, Korilakkuma! superpowerz The stickers come in a range of costumes such as school uniforms, fairy tale themed and idol clothing for the girls, and forest or various outfits for the bears, so be sure to check them out :happy

Must haves for your stationery collection! :3

If you’re looking for something to jot down your thoughts into, but not looking for something too bright or cutesy, Cool Pencil Case have these lovely Magic Spell Journals which come in black or red. I love their antique design which they have and it isn’t too over the top  :chubby The journal contains both lined and black pages.

Simple yet fancy

There are also these Shadow Notebooks, which are perfect for slipping into your bag and carrying around with you incase you need to check your schedule or quickly write something down at a moment’s notice. They have a variety of different pages which include blank, lined and scheduler pages and there’s four covers you can choose from! These notebooks also feature art work which I love rabu

I love this type of art style!

Did you know they offer free shipping to the US and Canada if your order is over $10? There’s also a flat rate of $4.95 for shipping to other countries  :) Please check out their shipping page for the types of shipping and the different delivery options.

That’s all I’m going to post about today, otherwise I’ll be writing a really long post lol, but I hope you have fun browsing through Cool Pencil Case!


  1. Those alarm clocks are adorable! I think I’d choose the Milk or the Coke ones.

    Those stickers are too cute! I’m not crazy about Rilakkuma but I like the idea behind those stickers :D

    I love love love those journals! I’m always buying journals since I write a lot and I need them for different topics so I’m definitely going to check those out!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love those alarm clocks, they’re so cute! Though I might actually mistake them for juice boxes in the morning because I’m still sleepy, haha. The shooting alarm clock is cool, it’s bound to wake people up.


    but wow, people these days are so creative! omgosh i can totally imagine myself going insane with that shooting alarm clock…i could literally imagine myself taking the gun and just eventually hurling it at the clock if i keep missing!

  4. Everything is so cute! I want the cow alarm clock lol

    I have the Red Magic Spell Journals!!! I’m so shocked to see it anywhere! I bought it from some random shop, but they only had the red one, didn’t know there’s a black one :D

    I am so gonna buy stuff from the site now xD;

    • Buy a few things and you can take advantage of the free shipping lol :sunnies

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