Hello everyone, I’m finally back from Bangkok and free to blog again :star2 I was actually planning to blog about the orientation day that I went to on Wednesday but the weather was so horrible and rainy I didn’t even have a chance to go and look at the other stalls  :thunder I mainly just stayed at my club’s stall and helped registering new members  awesomepoop

I’ve taken quite a lot of photos during my trip so I’ll probably make 3 posts about my trip  :phew

Terminal 21 is an amaaaazing shopping centre which I’ve visited quite often, I’m so glad it was right next door to my hotel!  :up It’s a 9 level shopping centre and each level has a different theme associated with it based on cities/places around the world such as Rome, Tokyo etc  :peace The interior designing of this place is really well done and I think it creates a nice atmosphere to shop in  rabu The shops, and even the bathrooms, look awesome  squeeheart



:bow2 Tokyo :bow2





:bow1 London :bow1






:bow3 San Francisco :bow3



:bow2 Rome :bow2




:bow2 Caribbean :bow2  


:bow3 Istanbul :bow3



I had a great time shopping (my goodies haul will be posted later!) and eating here :happy I can’t believe how much cheaper the food is here! Pepper Lunch in Sydney will cost me around au$15 while in Bangkok it only cost me roughly au$4  happymeal Clothing was relatively cheap too, I paid around $12 for a tee  :raburabu They had name brand stores and some “Western” styled stores with things like galaxy tees and marine styled clothing… I wish I brought more money  onetear

If you’re ever in Bangkok, I highly suggest that you visit and shop here  :bunny Lots of things to look at, buy and eat  winkku


  1. Omygoshhh~ what a lovely mall! I liked Japan best (LOL) and London XD XD cant wait for your haul post. I love your sense w/ style <3

  2. welcome back vermillion! ♥♥
    but mannnn that is some amazing shopping centre you got there! i really enjoyed stalking your flickr for all your lovely photos and i’m highly anticipating your haul post (my favourite posts!)
    great to hear you had a good time and if i ever go there i will make sure to visit terminal 21 ;3;

  3. Welcome back! :DDDDD glad to see you had lots of fun!
    +__+ galaxy tees~~ been trying to find a galaxy/cosmic print dress and/or tights…
    see you aroundddd! we need to play taiko together next time! 8DDD
    p.s. good luck with getting up for uni! XD;;

  4. OMG THAT IS SO HUGEE! *O* Everything look so beautifull, and the Japan part, DEAR LORD! It’s awesome! ~heart attack~
    I’m happy that you had so much fun in your trip! And welcome back :3

  5. Welcome back Vermillion! =)
    What an awesome shopping center! I’ve never seen anything similar! And pobably I would have done the same thing :p I can imagine it’s very easy to forget where you are or what time it is, when in there! It’s like a miniature world or city!! Can’t wait to see other pictures of your trip!

    • Thanks Neko-chan :glee3 Yeh, it’s easy to lose track of time when you’re in there XD

  6. Welcome back! This mall is awesome! And it’s so much more fun when everything is cheaper wherever you’re going XD

    I can’t wait to see the rest of your pictures!

    • Thank you n_n Yes, it more fun when there’s cheaper things coz you can buy more of them ahaha

  7. Bangkok looks so nice 😛 Welcome back too! Missed ya 😀 Nice to hear you had a really fun time. I love inexpensive clothes~~ finding bargains are really fun for me hahah! I hate paying for things that are expensive if it’s not really worth it. Especially things like t-shirts..where it is all 100% cotton..but some brands may way overcharge due to their “brand”. Lol I love how they had sections of each country.. so cute!

  8. It’s nice to hear that you had really an amazing time over there 🙂 But damn, it’s huge! o_o; I’d love to shop there! *-*


    the shopping looks amazing too! yes yes post your haul! ^o^ the stores look so awesome too! I wish they had those cute stores here in NYC and that aren’t ridic overpriced!!! blargghh!!!

  10. Welcome back!
    It sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I hope I can go to Bangkok one day too. Terminal 21 sounds like an amazing place! I can’t believe such wonderfulness exist hehe 😀 The SF Bridge is soooo cute lol I love it!

  11. Welcome back 😀 But omg am I jealous! 9 floors of shopping??? I want to go visit Bangkok now! The decor in the mall looks amazing too, like something from the hotels in Vegas! Can’t wait to see your haul!

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