Wow! I’m so sorry for not blogging & visiting blogs, commenting etc  NG This semester has been much busier than I’ve anticipated  uuun Especially for Japanese since they started teaching from chapter 6 so we had to study chapters 1 ~ 5 by ourselves. There’s also a lot more preparation I have to do before the tutorials  :uwa I know I said that I’ll host a blog give away this month, but I’ve decided to push it back to a few months later so I’m also truly sorry for that  fuuu

Here’s just a mini post to say that, yes I’m alive  yoohooo

Today I bought a PSP 3000 second hand  :peace I’m usually not interested in Sony consoles but I figured that since there’s a lot of interesting Japanese PSP games, it’ll be good to practice my Japanese with :up I decided to get this instead of the PS Vita since the Vita can’t play the PSP games, and also I prefer spending more money on newer games for my Nintendo 3DS :raburabu

The PSP 3000 cost me $92 and surprisingly came with a 2GB card which I think someone forgot to take out, though I bought a 16GB card since I think even 8GB is not enough for me haha :phew

:D it came with a 2gb card & screen protector, but I bought a 16gb card xD

Now the hardest part is finding games in English to play. There’s so many games and I don’t know where to get started since I’ve only followed Nintendo games before. There’s a lot to digest  :blood Any of my fellow blog readers have any PSP game recommendations?  awesomepoop

I’m currently typing up more Thailand posts, so I promise I’ll post again soon! It looks like I need to queue up posts so I won’t have big gaps of absence  :emb


  1. Waaa~ congrats! :D
    That’s a cheap price for a second hand PSP.
    You can never get below $150 for a second hand PSP here. ;;
    I used to play Harvest Moon Boy & Girl and got really hooked on it. It is just like Harvest Moon: Back To Nature for the PSX only that they included the Girl version too for the PSP. :D
    I don’t play Japanese games on my PSP (since I prefer to play it on DS) but! I recommend Tokimemo GS 3 PSP.
    If you have tried the DS version before, I’m sure you will probably like the PSP version too since they added new features and characters.
    Other than that, if you like 3DS’ Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater, you can try out PSP’s MGS Peace Walker and MGS Portable OPS too. :D
    And lastly, if you like the Persona series then I suggest you play Persona 3 portable and if you feel like following the series from the ‘start’ (not related though), there’s SMT Persona and Persona 2 Innocent Sin. ^^

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve gotten Persona 3 so far XD Trying to get through Patapon and Taiko no Tasujin first :3

  2. Personally I think most of the really good Japanese games are on the PSP :D As Quinario said, I also recommend Tokimeki GS 3rd Story as well! I have yet to play it though (due to being busy) but having played the TMGS series before, I highly recommend it :D There’s also Hakuouki Demon of the Fleeting Blossom as well :>

    • Thanks, I’ll look into those two then xD My friend has told me to play some other otome games too, like Utapri and Amnesia :)

  3. Hey, that was a really nice buy! Sadly I don’t own a PSP (or any other console T^T) but I play a lot of games with emulators and stuff like that! HAHA.
    I heard that the Need for Speed games for PSP are really great, but I don’t know if you like race games ^^”
    Well, I hope you find some fun games for your new PSP, and good luck with the Japanese class. :3

  4. I missed reading from you Vermillion! :) I mostly play games on my computer. like diablo2 (hopefully soon 3) and star craft… I had a gameboy a loooong time ago :p but my bf has a psp and I like to play patapon on it ;) looking forward to you thailand post!

  5. ooo welcome back!!! :DDD psp!!! i remember all my guys friends had one like 3 years ago! 92$ is not a bad price at all!

    sorry to hear about your japanese class! omgosh, i’d HATE my professor if i had a class and he forced us to learn 5 chapters on our own =.= horrible!! i wish you the best !

    and yay for more Thailand posts! i love seeing photos of places around the world.

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