Looks like I haven’t had a shopping post in while, so here’s one lol! I know I said no impluse buying but I did give in, so that goal went out the window OTL

First of all I got a new netbook – the Asus U31SD in black :star2 It was on sale with a 10% discount for Australia day so it only cost $703  :peace My old netbook had started to slow down and overheat and I also felt that 10″ was too small, so I decided it was time for an upgrade.

As much as I love it there have been some frustrating issues :gloom Google chrome wouldn’t open when it was pinned at task bar and then it worked when I reinstalled Chrome from an anti-virus program  :ohnoes For the hot keys to work, I had to install another program and then the wifi button wouldn’t work but then it suddenly started to work  uuun Also the netbook cover is a major finger print magnet  auau Maybe I’m just being picky about some things, but I would have thought that the programs that came with it should at least work lol.

But at least it’s running well now and I can install photoshop and iTunes without it slowing down so now I can draw in my bedroom  :) I just hope it can last me at least 2 years haha.

These are the items I recently purchased from Alphabeautyuk on eBay. I was pleasantly surprised that shipping only took a week :up

As you can see, I mainly got Kiss Me Heroine items squeeheart I’ve heard quite a lot of good things about this brand so I decided I’ll try them out lol. Will this become my new favourite brand?  :9 I’ll try my best to review them  :phew

And this is the first major purchase for Feb, I gave in to impulse buying  onetear But I really like his punky style haha. He also comes with heaps of graphic tees, a jacket and a cute back pack so I can play around with outfit  :raburabu

All fixed ヽ(;▽;)ノ

I also got some items from Sephora and an Arpakasso alpaca (finally) but I’ll post about them when I get them lol  :D


  1. Asus D: I had problems with my Asus (blue screened on me within hours of buying it) but I must agree that their laptops/ netbooks are super pretty…

    • Lol I just got a yellow vertical line on screen.. Have to send it in for replacement screen. I feel a bit disheartened at my experience so far :sobsob

  2. Irene Chan Reply

    I love his glasses!!
    I’m a victim of impulse shopping too…………..

  3. かわいい~
    A 10” screen is really cute! =) I would love to have such a tiny computer for blogging ;) Well at least you won’t have any oveheating problems with the asus!!! I’ve heard many good things about their products! And for 700$ it’s a nice deal :p I tried some Kiss me Heroine items when I was in Japan and I loved them!! I’m sure you will like most of it :)

    • Yes it’s very cute! But sometimes it’s a bit hard when the screen is so small :huuu

  4. heheh another asus lappy! (or netbook just to be ‘technical’ lol) I’ve always been interested in those asus netbooks since they seem so easy to carry to and from school. i’ve seen other people use them in lecture. keep us updated if there are any other weird glitches on your asus! my HP laptop always overheats and gives me problems.. it is such a headache. It’s also around 13″ diameter (for screen size).. i’m noticing a pattern of problems with smaller size laptops >< hope yours works out good though!!

    I love Kiss Me Products :DD!! their hand creme is so good hahahah~ ! sometimes i feel a splurge is necessary to de-stress hahah especially for girls :P

    i dont usuallly like dolls because i get freaked out easily but that one looks supa cool and uncreepy :p


  5. Ah, what a cute li’l Isul~ His glasses are so cool.
    Yay for your new netbook, but I can feel your pain of fingerprints everywhere… I can’t stand it. @__@ Hope it will behave well and work as it should now. ^-^

  6. I spot Mujuuryoku Shounen in the background! (I never read them though, but I kind of like the artist) I like your desktop (?) organization. ^^

    Great buys by the way…hmm, I wonder if a netbook is better than a tablet. I like something to type on. -w-;

    • Yup, that’s the series XD I used to be a big fan of Ribon when I was 14~16 lol ^^

      I like how the tablet is portable but I prefer spending money on a laptop/netbook which I can run programs on :3

  7. kippei is the most cutest isul i’ve ever seen! can’t wait to see you getting him new clothes and customise him (even though the default set is adorableeeeee!)

    and ughh heroine make is amazing, i just gave up and ordered the mascara and powder as well since heroine make has never disappointed!

    • I know, I always get persuaded to get something if they come with cute accessories ;_;

      I hope you get your items soon :D

  8. Ahhh! xD We’re the same. ;__; I told myself not to impulse buy, but I already did in several occasions. =__= I hope you do a review on the beauty products you’ll be getting especially the Sephora and Kiss Me Heroine stuff! *u* Love your desk by the way!

  9. heard that the kiss me heroine items are really good too, might get some next time after I go through my current lot haha

  10. oh my! Look at this doll, really, it looks like it’s alive or something *-* So cute! I also like you new netbook, and you got it for a very good price! Kisses :*

  11. Ahhhhhh new computer!!! SO JEALOUS! It’s all sleek & sexy new! Sorry it gave you some troubles at first.

  12. Ooo, new netbook! :D My netbook is an Asus as well, but only 10 inches, and you’re right, the screen is really small :( Sorry to hear that you were having problems with it, but I hope it’s better now!
    I love Kiss Me’s eyeliner (and I see you bought it), it’s super easy to use and it goes on really thin! Can’t wait to see your Sephora haul :D

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