Last weekend, my mum treated me out to a late birthday dinner at Kobe Jones with my family  :star2 Apparently it’s really famous but I can’t recall if I’ve heard of it before…  :emb My mum decided to eat there because she got this really good deal from Groupon – $66 for an 11 course meal (you save $79!)  :up

I really like the location of the restaurant which is located along a wharf. And I think the place has a nice atmosphere  :peace I’m so glad the weather was perfect! tenki The food was also excellent and filling, I definitely want to go back another time  happymeal


Now onto the food photos! Because the menu was already set, I don’t really know the dish names so I’ll turn this entry into a photo post lol :phew

This was a really nice mango/strawberry fruit drink which was thick and fruity  happybear


I’m pretty sure these dishes were all sashimi, expect for the furthest dish at the back. That was rice and crab wrapped up in egg. It looks kinda like a pudding right? It was one of my favourite things to eat throughout dinner  squeeheart





My mum said that this was one of their well known dishes? She called it a volcano lol. It’s like the “pudding” I described earlier, expect it’s sushi rolls covered in egg  :3


Tempura, Alaskan crab and karaage (I think) :cutlery I really liked the tempura, it was fried exactly the way I love to eat it – light and crispy but not too oily  puuu


My mum cooking wagyu beef  :happy I think it’s always fun to cook this way at restaurants lol.

Meat cooking ~

And finally dessert shots! Doesn’t this icecream cake log look tasty?  ubershinyeyes It’s like vanilla icecream with sponge cake.


I think this is a green tea cream brulee with red beans. It tasted really bland by itself, but nice with the icecream cake  :music


And that’s all for this week! Sorry for the lack of interesting posts, I’ve mainly been drawing and working to save money for my travel plans this year before uni starts  :chubby


  1. Oh my! This was definitely a good deal!!! The food looks so delicious! I love Sashimi =) What are your travel plans?! I’m curious because I love to travel and I’m always looking forward to the pictures!!! :D

  2. such a good deal for a 11 course meal! makes me remember all the food I had in japan haha

    • I know! Luckily my mum follows that site lol, otherwise I wouldn’t have had the chance to eat there.

  3. wow, great view! i agree, the atmosphere feels so chill. i like that! and omgosh, the drink and food look so good!!! looks like a great place to go to in the summer time!

  4. Ooo, I love how open the restaurant is, how was the view?
    The food looks great, I’m usually not a fan of sushi, but I love their unique way of presenting the dishes!

  5. Everything looks so fancy and delicious! *-*

    Does the mango drink contain alcohol? Just curious.

  6. Everything looks so delicious! I love Groupon, honestly, best way to try new restaurants!

    The drink looks especially good!

  7. Everything looks so fancy!!! I don’t get a lot of chance to eat fancy food =( The icecream cake log looks so good T__T Your mom is so awesome to treat you :)

    Best of luck saving money!!!

  8. Everything looks delicious! * q *
    Especially the cake. /yummy

  9. happy birthday!! are you an aquarius too :p (lol i am..that is why i am asking since i my birthday was not too long ago either heheh) looks like a yummy and fun time out!

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