It’s been a while since I last updated aye? But I haven’t really doing much since I’m preparing for my uni’s orientation week by making badges and designing various things  superpowerz  I’ve also been watching this Korean drama called Wild Romance. I think sometimes it’s a bit over the top, but I like the plot overall happybear

I also got my first Arpakasso alpaca yesterday! A friend recently came back from Hong Kong and got me one~  :3

Alpaca from Becky (^O^☆♪

She’s called Hana-chan according to the little card she came with. I had no idea they had names :emb Yuki-chan is my favourite squeeheart

Sorry for the brief and boring post lol. I’ll have lots of things to post about over the coming week or two such as my uni’s orientation and my trip to Thailand  :glee3


  1. You know how crazy I am about arpakassos right? I HAVE THE SAME ONE AS YOU!!!! ARPAKASSO TWINS!!!

    I didn’t know they had those in HK, going to keep an eye out for them when I go to Asia.

    Ooo Thailand, that’s amazing! They have a lot of adorable (and cheap!) kawaii plushies there :) When are you going?

    • Haha, I’m slowly entering the craze.. Just paid $50 inclu. shipping for a 16cm one lol ;___; I think it’s a pastel one or something.

      My friend said they’re really cheap so prepare your suitcases :3

      I’m leaving on the 1st of March but it’s only a short trip as semester starts on the 5th lol. I’ll be missing a day of classes.

  2. It’s so cute and fluffy! @@ But from this angle it looks kind of like a sheep, since you can’t really tell where the neck is. – -;

    • I think the neck is shorter since it’s a baby version of their larger toys xD

        • Yup! I saw a 130cm one on Amazon Japan. I wish I could buy it, I’ll use it as an alpaca beanie chair? haha :up

  3. Awwhh Hana-chan! So cute and fluffy. :3
    Have fun and a safe trip to Thailand! > u <
    Can't wait to see your photos.
    Will you bring any of your doll/plushy along? XD

  4. Is hana-chan just a puppy (doll)? Very cute!! Though i remember once on tv.. i saw in japan, they had virtual puppy (dolls), that could actually interact with humans based on touch. So, if you pet the fake puppy, it would actually nod or move its head. very interesting stuff! that would be cool to have a virtual puppy clean up :p


  5. Ahh, your Hana-chan is so cute! I got an Alpaca doll when I went back in Taiwan because it was all the craze back there, but mine didn’t come with a name :( He’s quite large actually, and came with a cute little scarf which looked sorta French, so I named mine Pierre :P

    I love the flower by Hana-chan’s ear!

  6. wow that’s so cute! hahaha yeah they give names to things, kinda like beanie babies or bratz dolls…lol. they make things seem more real i guess? XD

    psyched for your Thailand post! i love seeing travel posts of different countries ^o^

  7. Your posts are never boring! Don’t worry :3 And OMG, Hana-Chan is so cute, she looks so girly and delicate! Take good care of her *^*

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