What do you guys do for kicks? Usually when I hang out with friends it’s just to do one thing – head out to the city and eat  :sunnies What else is there to do? lol  lamelol

Last Monday I hung out with V and we watched the second Sherlock movie. I really enjoyed it, I especially loved the ending!  puuu  Not going to spoil anything, but if you liked the first movie, I’m sure you’ll like the second one :) I really love crime/mystery/thriller themed media  :up

Not sure if anyone knows, but there’s a Sherlock tv series by the BBC which is about Sherlock Holmes solving crimes in the modern times. It’s totally brilliant  :raburabu I’ve been following since it first aired and the second season just finished. There’s only 3 eps per season but they’re really good  :peace I really recommend watching this series.

Anyways, like always we went to Capitol to play around with the UFO catchers happybear  Nothing like being with someone who’s good at playing with those machines lol  winkku And I actually won something for once  OHOHO

I won this strap, but V also won one so we traded them in for a Rilakkuma necklace  squeeheart

And he won me these lol  :happy Ciel from Kuroshitsuji (I really like the outfit designs from this series) and a disgruntled squirrel (or is it a raccoon? :phew ). That animal’s supposed to be like a cleaner or something, so I thought it was funny coz there was a dust bunny on it’s head (I’m so lame)  :teehee

UFO catcher haul lol

For dinner we went to Mamak  happymeal The satay and drink that I ordered was really nice but the curry was toooo strong for me spasticbear I can eat some chilly, like kimchi is fine, but oh boy – this was too spicy for me lol :Aa  Reminds me of why I usually don’t eat Malaysia food  onetear



The next day I went out with my highschool friends and we ate at Oiden  :glee3 It’s like a cheap Japanese rice place, though usually I prefer to eat at their noodle section  :3 Decently priced and delicious is good news for my wallet and stomach  rabu


Sorry for posting later this week, I was meant to post something else a few days ago but I got caught up with drafting something ^^;


  1. Awwn this Ciel looks so cute *^* I want one too! HAHA It’s always nice to hang out with friends isn’t it :3 I always ended up goind to movies or going out for lunch with my friends to, but like you said, What else is there to do?! HAHA Kisses

  2. I also watched Sherlock ~ the film was so intense! *-*
    and the rilakkuma strap is cuuuute, i want that, too v.v

    ShuShu ♥

  3. Going out for dinner and coffee sounds just about right ^^ plus a movie or some shopping too! And the squirrel, rilakkuma and ciel!!! :O

    — tht-christina.blogspot.com

  4. I heard that the second Sherlock Holmes movie was good but I’m probably never going to get around to watching it. I can’t even remember the last movie I saw in theatres but it must’ve been over a year and a half ago.

    Eeeee, you are so lucky to have such kawaii prizes for UFO catchers! We don’t have any of that here, it’s the ugly plushes -_-

    • There’s a lot of cute prizes, but the big plushies are nearly impossible to get – the claws have really bad grips :sobbb

  5. I’ve also watched the second movie of Sherlock Holmes. It was great! ♪ (●^ω^●)

    I’ve seen one episodes of that series about Sherlock Holmes, too! I thought it was interesting so I want watch another episode soon (^^)

    Ooh, the things that you and your friend got from UFO catcher look so cute (*´∀`*)

  6. Love UFO catchers, but they’re so rare around here… T^T I always win stuff at them too…
    Congrats on all your cute winnings, and the food looks delicious… *w*

  7. ufo catchers– my best friend yet my worst enemy! but the ufo catchers in sydney seem so much better! the ones in melbourne are terrible (and pretty much impossible to get boo)

    i am going to agree with you regarding the hanging out in city and eating because that is what i do with my friends as well ;__; australia is such a dull place ༼(ཀ д ཀ༽༽

  8. lol your posts always make me hungry ^o^ because they have so many yummy food pics..especially of japanese food LOL one of my favorite cuisines. i don’t really eat much spicey food either~ i always tell them to make it ‘mild’ if there is that option. but it looks like the drink should’ve cooled down the spiceyness. looks like bubble tea? or milk tea? was it?

    • Hehe I love to take snaps of food lol! :camera Japanese is my favourite cuisine too :cutlery

      Yup it’s milk tea. I’m glad I ordered it lol XD

  9. There’s curry too when you order satay? I’m still somewhat surprised that they have satay at mamak, because the mamak in my neighborhood doesn’t have satay in their menu. XD;;
    Awhh~ the next time you come to Malaysia, I’ll show you good places to eat Malaysian food that is not spicy. (hopefully)

    The Korilakkuma strap and Squirrel(?) are so cute. ; u ;

    • The curry was in another dish which I didn’t take an individual shot of XD You can see it behind the milk tea though.

  10. yummm… So hungry now after looking at your pictures! It’s really cool how you can easily go to the city to hang out. I live too far from a city to go have fun =__=” But I guess it’s a good thing since I don’t have money to spend T_T”

    I haven’t even watched the sherlock holmes movie XD I can’t believe there’s a t.v. show for it in modern times now :D

    Oh yea, I tagged you in my recent post :D

  11. I’ve been wanting to watch the 2nd Sherlock Holmes movie. Good to know that it’s as good as the 1st! I need to check out that BBC series too.

    You guys won such cute things from the UFO catcher! I don’t think ours here have stuff like that. I wish they did though. And yum, the food in your photos look good :)

  12. The Japanese food looks good ;A; And I agree with the UFO catchers being hard – I used to play on them all the time (though I sucked) – probably only won once every 15 times I went >_>

    • I think they’ve changed most of them, so they randomly hit power up. Like some machines don’t have the meter on the top fuuu

  13. I just saw the latest Sherlock movie as well! It was great, gonna buy the DVD xD!! And the BBC series is PHENOMENAL, YES!!!

  14. gah, i’m so behind i didn’t even watch the first one lol! indeed, i heard both were really good! and i heard the bromance was awesome! more of a reason for me to get going and watch them both! XD

    d’aww those little japanese thingys are so cute! and ciel! hehehe. and yummy foods! looks like you had an awesome time!

  15. Rilakkuma is always a good choice. <3 I love your food picks! They always look so good and wonderfully presented. /envy Robert Downey Jr. HNNGGGH. <3

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