For the past few weeks I’ve been busy drafting and finalising membership card designs for my uni’s anime club :peace I’m very excited this year to be an art executive, I just hope my designs are up to people’s standards :emb  I’m only interested in drawing chibi style since I suck at proportions haha nyoo

If I had to describe my style I would describe it as “stationery style” lol :3 When I was in my early and mid teens, I was highly influenced by Japanese stationery notepads produced by Q-lia, Crux etc with their cute, happy style squeeheart It used to be a dream of mine to oneday produce stationery with my designs :star2

Q-lia Sweet Menu
Sweet Menu - one of my favourite characters! I only have the notepad though (Photo by ☆JEANNIE)

So my draft went from this…

to this! wakuwaku

Final Draft!

I tend to be really messy with my sketches, so the final result usually looks much better and/or totally different  lamelol The 4 colours show which background you can choose to get  :meatbun:

Originally, the boy was something I created from the eeljinka meme lol so I just decided to reuse him and change his look  :phew The girl’s outfit and colour scheme was inspired by a lot of the Autumn/Winter styles I’ve seen in Japanese magazines like Vivi, Popteen etc. I love those slightly muted colours  puuu And the panda boy is Inga, from the anime series UN-GO. It’s a great series though I think the anime should have been longer to explore the main characters’ pasts – I felt that a lot of things were rushed  onetear He’s one of my favourite characters from 2011, and the president likes the series, so I thought I’ll just slap him on  superpowerz

The back actually isn’t finalised yet since I need to add in the sponsors, but I’m still waiting to find out who they are so this is what it looks like for now  :) I’m planning to make the profile box blank so people can draw in their own portrait (or something they like) to give it a more personal touch  :deer I’m only going to draw the executives as we usually have around 200 members each year and people get their cards laminated during orientation week, so I definitely won’t have time to make individual cards  :sweat

Currently the program I like to use to draw with is PaintTool SAI. I used to wonder why people always raved about it, but after I’ve used it I became a fan of it too! :glee It’s a very simple and light weight program to use. I especially love the linework layer too, it makes it so much easier to fix up my curves – I can just tweek an anchor point along the line to my needs  :lovekuma I used to use Photoshop, but ever since I got Windows 7 and CS5, it lags when I draw with my tablet  NG

I’ve still got the flyer and maybe badge designs to complete, so I’ve still got a lot of work to do  :whistle Unfortunately, I’m a perfectionist when it comes to drawing, so it takes me a long time to draw things as I’ll keep redrawing it until it looks perfect to me ded


  1. Very cute chibi candidates for your membership card! You should see my sketches and I promise you they’re far messier. I’m glad someone other than me draws without shading (at least sometimes). I always feel like my random chibis are far too simple, if you know what I mean. It’s not proportions I mind, it’s value.

    When I got my tablet I also got the programs Corel Painter and Sketchbook Express. For some reason I can’t seem to get used to drawing on them, but miraculously I got used to drawing on Photoshop, a program I hate. It’s not slow for me though.

    • I don’t feel the need to shade so I don’t XD I like the flat look :peace

      I used to use Corel Painter when I wanted to draw something digitally but imitate traditional work (like watercolour on texture paper) but since I have the X version, it’s not compatible with Win 7 leakingtears

  2. OMG the un-go guy!! You are awesome at drawing! I love sketching and the arts as well, but i doodle on my Ipad with this app called ibispaint… A japanese app :)


    • Yup~ I love Inga’s character design rabu

      ibispaint looks awesome, I wish I had an iPad lol :sobsob

  3. Wow, great job! I wish I could draw. I used to sketch and be really into art when I was in my early teens. I’m always intimidated by any kind of design program ^-^;;

    • Awww thanks :raburabu I used to be really into making icons/avatars when I was younger which is how I got into using programs like Photoshop :deer

    • Yup, I think there’s quite a lot of people interested in anime on campus. The clubs has been around for 10 years :star2

      • Thankies ;o;!!! Its super easy – just take an envelope and cut it open to use as a template to line!!

    • Lol thanks! This is actually a second draft that I drew since friend of mine commented that it didn’t look “anime” enough. So I thought about club activities or what anime fans do :chubby

  4. Such adorable designs!
    So if you’re in the club, one gets to pick whichever character they want on their card or are you supposed to paste a photo of yourself there? I wouldn’t want to paste over the cute chibi if I had a card like this… XD

    • I’m going to be printing out blank ones, otherwise members can choose to have the girl, boy or panda boy in the pic (if they’re not an executive). If I have time I may make more character to put in there, but I’m not sure of our printing budget lol :Aa

  5. Aww, that sticker sack is so adorable. <3 If I could eat it, I really would! *u* The characters you sketched were adorable, and I'm sure they'll like it. :-)

  6. I would join just for those membership cards! hehe xD; (and then afterwards disappear from the club j/k xDD)

    That sounds like an awesome program. Too bad it only seem to work on windows :(

    But yes, I can totally see your work on stationers :) So adorable!

  7. i love the drawings you did! The people look so kawaii :D!! you’re really good at drawing. i wish i could draw lol. i love the colors you chose for their hair and shirts too!

  8. wow! I didn’t know about your drawing skills!! I think your work is amazing! I recently bought a drawing tablet but I’m really bad at drawing.. I thought about drawing my own smilies =)

    • Thank you C: I think if you keep practising, you will find it easier to draw over time. That’s how it is with me lol :3

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