Last night I went on a cruise to celebrate J’s 21st birthday  balloons1 I had heaps of fun, the view from the boat was great and the food wasn’t too bad  squeeheart It was also great to see him and my other friend B since we don’t see each much anymore. We used to go to the same university before we all transferred to different unis  fuuu

Nothing much really happened besides eating and talking so I’ll spam this post with photos lol  :3

Opera House!
I'm on a boat

It's a balloon in a balloon surrounded by balloons :o



This is the food that I ordered  happymeal I was felt like eating chicken so I got the entree and main with chicken  :emb




And a snap of the delicious birthday cake!  :camera


This is the present that I got him  :whistle I actually wasn’t sure what to get him but I know he likes building things and I’m into gundams so I hope he liked it lol  :phew I always think it’s hard to buy presents. I want to get people things that they want hopefully keep LOL  OTL



  1. So many beautiful pictures! And what a wonderfull time you had! *-*
    I got the same problem with buying presents, I really, reeaally sux at it >_< HAHA

  2. beautiful shots! i really love going on boats/ferries/cruises because it just makes everything (eg. eating) so much fun! haha idk it’s just something i’ve always liked since childhood but wow, to get invited on a birthday party on a cruise must’ve been an amazing experience! the night view seems gorgeous (*´Д`*)

  3. Beautiful pictures! I’d love to go to all these places one day, considering that I’ve never been on a boat before (excluding the ones at amusement parks and Disneyland) and have only seen “Opera House” once – and it wasn’t even the real one! It was at The Window Of The World in Hong Kong.

    The balloons and the cake looks simply gorgeous and yummy respectively. Chocolate! (drools)

  4. The food looks good! :)
    And I love giant balloons ^^ In my school it’s almost like a tradition to give our friends gigantic balloons on their birthdays.

    • What a nice tradition! In my school it was flowers since there was a little convenience store near the school that sold them individually :heart3

  5. wah~ birthday cruise? that’s awesome! the cruise looks really relaxing~ ehheh the rice looks funny. lol! but the cake looks delishhhhhh! CHOCOLATEEEEEEEEEEE!! RAHHHHHHH! loll! hahhaa gundam! i remember my ex-bf in high school liked gundam a lot…and i spent $60 and crying a little inside. LOL

    • Yeh, the rice thing tasted kinda weird lol nyoo The cake was really good but I was too full from eating everything so I couldn’t really enjoy it yameno

  6. LOL seriously that food looks so awesome in comparison to another meal I had which supposedly was meant to be good… :P I’m sure he would have loved the present – guyus love building thing haha XD

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