I received my parcel a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised that I got it before Christmas. Even though I chose EMS, I though it would get delayed a lot coz of all the Christmas and New Year mail.

This time round I only ordered 2 items. Even though they stock a lot of awesome items, I’m trying to curb my spending lol  fuuu Though many thanks to my dad buying them for me  :3


  • 11th Dec – Placed order
  • 12th Dec – Received order confirmation email
  • 13th Dec – Order shipped
  • 20th Dec – Order received

I don’t have a photo but everything was bubble-wrapped together and sent in an envelope.


I ordered an iPhone4(s) cover by HbG and a Rilakkuma 2012 monthly scheduler  :glee

When I saw this iPhone cover, I knew I had to get it though I still haven’t gotten my iPhone 4s (I’m still waiting for my current contract to expire lol :sobbb  ). Isn’t it really cute? I love the HgG brand though their things are a bit expensive.

This is a hard shell cover which is fairly easy to remove, with green along the side. I’m just hoping that it won’t crack easily. I had that problem with iPhone 3Gs hard covers, cracking along the corners. Though it maybe also be due to me constantly dropping my phone..  :emb


I’m a bit disappointed that the iPhone4s isn’t compatible with iPhone 4 covers unless there’s a gap on the side. It makes it harder to get covers unless the shop posts side views of the cover  :| So this is another reason why I got it. Cute + compatible = instant win! I’m the type of person who hardly updates or changes their wallpaper, phone covers etc unless I find something that sparks me to change them, so I have a feeling I’ll be using this cover for a long time  rabu

Testing with my mum’s iPhone4

I’m a pretty bad person when it comes to keeping diaries/planners, so for next year I thought I’ll just purchase a monthly scheduler  uuun I just wanted something to jot down important events, and I like having a monthly view so I can see when important dates are approaching :skipping


There’s no weekly pages in this, so don’t buy it if that’s what you’re after. It has monthly pages, notes (with 2 different patterns), address and cash book sections. It also has things like Japanese train lines and palm reading stuff, but that’s not really useful to me lol :eheh


I also like this because it’s A5 sized chuchu: I usually think Korean/Japanese planners are a bit too small. I think when you write in English, it takes up more room? lol  :emb

This scheduler is really cute, I love all the illustrations. I think if you’re a fan of San-x characters, their planners are a must have.


Overall I’m really happy with my purchase at Strapya World! :raburabu It’s been 2 years since I’ve ordered from there, but I’m glad I bought from there this time lol.


  1. gahhhh you always get the cutest things!! →ܫ←♡
    i think the only good thing about the iphone (besides the fact that it’s the ultimate smartphone) is the cases! i would go case crazy if i could ever get my hands on one, boo

    • Haha thanks! I always like having cute things lol onetear

      I know right? They have so many cases to choose from merumeru

  2. your purchases are soo cute! LOVE the hbg case.
    now that I think about it, I think would totally get an iphone just for the cute cases >w<

  3. Aw, everything is so cute!

    I’m always looking for cute covers for my phone but it’s practically impossibe…there aren’t many cute ones for the XPERIA. (ノ_・。) But, the iPhone has the cutest covers!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  4. wow super cute stuff! i remember when i went to Taiwan over the summer, I saw Rilakkuma everywhere, lol! i agree — korean and japanese planners are so small! they’re so pretty and cute but i have obnoxious (and ugly…though i try to write neat) handwriting and it looks so crowded in my planner wahhh~ BUT IT’S SO PRETTY

    • All lucky, I always find it hard to buy Rilakkuma stuff without them being overpriced! :chuuu

  5. I love Rilakkuma! *u* This year, actually, I’m planning on keeping up with my planner in the best way that I can. I tend to write a lot so a monthly scheduler isn’t really for me, but I would love that since it’s adorable. <3 And awesome case! :B <3 It's so cute and cuddly looking~

    • Good luck with making use of your planner! :starr I use my blog or flickr to remember the things I do, which is why I just need a monthly one to remember what’s going on :happy2

  6. I love Strapya-World! For a few months, I would order from them every month like clockwork. But I haven’t ordered from them in about 3 months now so I’m proud of myself!

    They so have awesome items though! I was thinking of getting a planner but I already have two Kapiabran-san ones waiting for me to use up….dilemma of a kawaii lover.

    Your iPhone case is so cute! I love the pastel green on the side. :)

    • Haha yeh, there’s just so many cute things to buy but it’s so hard to decide what to use them for right? :ugh2

  7. yes the concert was amazing ^o^ !!! Ohh Nightmare! I used to listen to them back in the day! (i feel old) Dir en grey can’t really be put into the “J-rock”, “visual kei”, “J-metal”, etc categories because they’re all of those but not. they’re amazing! i highly recommend them!!! Kyo [vo]’s voice is REALLY unique IMO and it took a few listens to get used to it but it was love from there :O !!!

    Well for starters, i’d recommend these 2 songs! :

    Dir en grey – The Final

    Dir en grey – Kodou

    Enjoy! ^o^ and thanks! happy holidays to you too! merry Christmas and Happy new year! HOHOHOHO~H~O~~O~~

    • Thank you for your recommendations, I’ll check out the links! :3

      &Thanks for the holiday wishes c:

  8. You got some cute things in the mail! I love the little pocket calendar that you got ;D! I want more of those even though I have one on my desk :P! And the iPhone case is just too adorable ^__^!

    I hope you’ll get that iPhone 4S soon! I have an iPhone 3G and the hard cover that I have is cracked in the middle -__-!

    Planners always helps you when you want to organize things around :D!

    Take care and Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks :D

      Yes, I think it’s always useful to take note of important dates in a format that’s easy to see.

  9. Strapya World’s stuff are always amazing! I subscribed to their mailing list and frequently get emails on their sales and new items. I’m crazy over their items but sadly, am pretty much broke.

    I like the planner. It looks really cute. The iPhone 4S cover is really cute, too, but I like the planner more. ;)

    • Sometimes I have a love-hate relationship with online shopping. It’s really nice to have a wide variety and easy access to shop, but then it makes you want to impulse buy more right? onetear

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