It was finally that time of the year in which I celebrate my birthday and see the rest of the month flow into the new year :starr When I was younger I used to be really excited about presents but now I don’t really care lol. Ever since I got a job, it’s so much easier to buy the things I want myself :92

For my birthday I hung out with my high school buddies and we took purikura, had dinner at a Thai restuarant and then went to Finders Keepers :raburabu I prefer eating out somewhere to celebrate birthday, not really into clubbing or drinking lol  megane

Doing silly stuff.. XD

We ate at Chedi Thai and the food was absolutely delicious :cutlery I really want to go there and eat again lol. The menu is a bit expensive but when you share with everyone, it isn’t that bad :meatbun:


We ordered a variety of dishes including pad thai and of course my favourite salt and pepper squid! The squid was nicely deep fried and the sauce that came with it was really good too  :drool One of the best salt and pepper squid dishes that I’ve eaten lol  ubershinyeyes

Salt & Pepper Squid
My beloved meal lol

Pad Thai


A fish on a fish

My friends made me cupcakes for my birthday, which tasted really good chuchu: Don’t they look cute? They tried to make some icing alpacas (since they know how obsessed I am LOL :laugh ).

Cupcakes my friends made for me <333


After that we headed to Finders Keepers, it’s an art/design market which happens bi-anually and I’ve been going there for about 2 year so I didn’t take many photos  :emb Also for the fact that there were so many people – I could hardly see anything NG The disadvantages of being short lol  :downers  I posted about it earlier this year, so if you wanna see more stall photos, please read it.

Finders Keepers Dec 2011

This time I bought a cute wooden brooch by So Little Time Co. I think I’m starting to like wooden accesories  :happy2

They also make other cute brooches :shinyeyes

Finders Keepers Dec 2011

And in regards to presents, my friends got me this ASOS satchel and felt book for my birthday :bunny

Birthday presents from my friends :3

The felt book is full of cute and different things to make, they have all kinda of different themes. I only have felt books on desserts so I really like it :glee3 In particular I like the BBQ and plant theme ongaku



Overall I had a great time with my friends, it was great to catch up with them all. Even though most of us study near to each other, we hardly have the time to meet up :3seal


  1. happy belated birthday!
    the food looks delicious should try thai food sometime, and that felt book looks so fun!

  2. Happy 21th Birthday! :) the food looks so so yummy! I’m really curious about the fried squid! I’ve never heard of it but I think I would probably love it.. :D The brooch is adorable and so are the cupcakes! the felt book looks pretty interesting too.. when are you going to try something out?

    • Thank you! :3 I’ll probably try to make a few things next month. Even though I’m my holidays I’ve got a lot of things to draw and plan for one of my clubs lol “ORZ

  3. happy birthday!! ♥ you always have the most amazing parties! hope you have an amazing year being 21! xxxx

  4. Zomg the alpaca icings are soooo cute :3 Looks like your special day out was amazing – happy 21st! ^^

  5. Happy Birthday! Sorry for being so late ^^” and, hey! you got some awesome friends there! :D It makes me happy to see that you had such a great day! :3

    • Awww, it’s ok, it’s the thought that counts doesn’t it? :lovekuma & thanks Sah.

  6. oh my dear ~ happy b’day! :xx it looks like an awesome day *Q* especially the food.. hiahiahia
    the cupcakes are just too cute – i want them so bad!! >.<"
    wish you a nice time :'3

    ShuShu ♥

    • Thank you :bunny Yeh, unfortuntely sometimes my mum’s friends think I’m my younger sister and that I’m around 16.. NG

  7. Happy (belated) birthday! Sorry to sound like a broken record since I must’ve wished you a happy one so many times but you know, opportunity keeps presenting itself!

    Sounds like you had a great time :D The squid looked amazing, I was practically drooling on my laptop.

    Love the cupcakes! The alpaca one is so cute!

  8. Uaah, the food looks delicious!
    I wish you a happy happy birthday – hope you had a unforgettable Party!

    Take care dear!

  9. Happy belated birthday!
    That craft market seems really cool, I’ve always wanted to go to one! They have them here in Toronto but they always happen whenever I have school ):

  10. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a great time :) I’m a huge fan of Thai food as well, but the restaurant you went to definitely looks a lot more upscale than the places I’ve been. Love the cupcakes your friend made you, the alpacas are so cute!!

  11. Aww it sounds like you had a lovely bday! Happy BDAY! The food pic looks soooo good :D The cupcakes too XD I like the presents you received :)

    Your outfit is really cute as well :D Very fitting for bday girl. Here in the US 21 year old is when we can drink legally so most 21 year olds go nuts at the bars, but I’m glad you didn’t XD

    The art designs are so cute :3

  12. Your blog post is making me hungry! Everything looks so delish! Belated Happy birthday :D

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