I hope that everyone had a great Christmas :xmas Here’s just a quick blog update on what I did today!  :XD

I went into the city today hoping to score some bargains but I didn’t buy anything OHOHO Why? Coz the city, malls and shops were all jam packed awawa I’m not sure if Boxing Day sales happen around the world but my friend said it’s similar to Black Friday sales in the U.S. It’s the first time I’ve seen the city so full lol, really like the phrase “sardines in a tin” :!! It was total chaos trying to walk around the Westfield and Zara, so I didn’t bother to attempt to enter Myer  :emb

Anyways, the main point of going to the city today was to get my haircut :star2  I went to Hanavie again, I think that it’s my fav salon atm. This was my second time going there but I like their service :peace I like the way my hair turned out today :3 This time I just asked to turn my fringe into a side fringe and for my hair to be more layered  :)

Finally didn't get a full fringe again haha


And if you can’t guess from my previous photo, for lunch, my sister and I ate at Pepper Lunch :9 I just ordered the beef dish this time round  happymeal I like how you can cook the meat lol  :wheeeeee

Beef is cooking~


Pepper Lunch was really busy today, so my sister took the opportunity to take random photos of me :phew


Perfectionist supershiny

Basically our day just consisted of walking around and waiting in lines  nyoro So I don’t really have much to blog about so here are some cute Christmas themed items I saw today!

Cute snowmen in the Japanese bakery

I really want this Korilakkuma (the white one) but the store is selling it for $50+  onetear Way overpriced lol  :blood2

Cute squishiness that screams "BUY MEEEE"

I can’t believe that it’s going to be 2012 in a few days. Anyone have plans for the New Years? I’m going to be working on New Years Eve and on the 1st lol, so I don’t have any big plans. I’ll rather work and earn money  :sweat


  1. Nice haircut! :)

    I went shopping once on Boxing Day… I never attempted to go shopping on Boxing Day ever again. From memory I didn’t buy anything either ^^;

    And that Rilakkuma is sooo cute *_* I haz softness for it, but I’ll have to agree $50 is a bit too much…

    • Thank you!

      I went shopping on boxing day a few years ago but I don’t remember it being that hectic nyoo

      Yeh, I like how it looks really soft but I’d rather spend my money on something else foreveralone

  2. lovely haircut! ahhhh i love girls who sport short hair (more like a fetish hurrr) because it just looks so cute//// (obviously i have short hair as well! not to mention long hair looks really gross if one can’t seem to manage it well ;__;)

    ahhh boxing day in melbourne is the same– never. attempt. anything.

    • Haha me too winkku It looks cool if they can pull it off :blood2 I like that type of look in Kera or Choki Choki Girls.

  3. love your new haircut!
    omg boxing days, I can never find anything that I like!
    but I got a new hair dryer lol
    the rilakkuma is really cute but $50…way tooo much

  4. A lot of people went shopping after Christmas :D! We call it.. “After Christmas Sale”- it’s just that simple but it isn’t something OFFICIAL. XD! Or is it? :P.

    Your hair looks awesome :D! I love how it’s a little puffy :)! My hair is just flat out down, long, and unlayered :(! It looks nice on you :D!

    That dish you bought for lunch looks delicious :O! I’ve eaten those meat before- but with Pho instead :P. And those stuffed cute bears are cute :D! But it sucks when it’s over priced D:!

    I don’t know if I really want to have plans on New Years Eve. I know for New Years, I have to sleep in because I have a 6.2 mile parade to march the next day XD!

    Take care(:

  5. You look adorable with your new haircut! The short hair looks soooo cute on you =) I like everything else too.. the shirt, your makeup and the bag :D Lovely all around =) The restaurant looks interesting! It’s cool that you can cook the meat by yourself :)

  6. I agree! You would think that people would have a hangover the next day after Christmas, but in reality, in just gets worse. xD The Kumas are so adorable, I would love to have them to myself~ x) But for $50?! I think they’re better off in my dreams for now.

    BTW, awesome new haircut! <3

    • Thanks :lovekuma I think people party harder on New Year’s Eve here lol. People love the sales!

  7. Your hair, I LOVE IT!!

    Day after xmas sales are getting bigger here in the US every year. Not as bad as our Black Friday or your Boxing Day but still, YIKES! I went out and was just in a sea of people D;

    • Thank you! And I see~ Sales are awesome but it’s so hard when there’s people everywhere and you can’t reach the items lol fuuu

  8. Merry (late) Christmas! We have Boxing Day here too but it’s pretty much turned into Boxing Week.

    I never go shopping on Boxing Day since it’s madness, people go nuts and I wouldn’t feel like I’m enjoying myself when I’m squashed and trampled on in stores.

    I love your haircut! You look so cute!

    That Christmas Korilakkuma is cute but yeah, $50 is waaaay overpriced.

    • Thanks~ :bunny

      Boxing week? I guess we have a similar thing too, but people go crazy on the 26th lol :XD

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