I’m sure most people have heard of PONPONPON by Kyary but recently I’ve come across a cover by kanzentaicell (完全体セル). I really like his voice :raburabu

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiDTgnFnuMI’]

Anyways, yesterday I went out with V to have an early celebration of my birthday  :wheeeeee I still can’t believe my birthday is on Friday. I still remember what I did last year for it.. I feel oooold  lamelol

I manged to take a quick outfit photo  :camera I rarely take outfit shots since I don’t have a full length mirror in my room  :Aa We only have them in the garage or the spare rooms lol  :emb

Love my winged boots :3

Tee- WC
 Socks & Boots- Taobao


We had lunch at Musashi again  :cutlery I had sushi and an okonomiyaki which was pretty filling. I also tried this blue colourful drink (which I can’t remember the name of) which tasted like fizzy lemonade :starr  The yellow/orange one was like a citrus soda which was interesting.



After wandering around to other shops we went to Mother’s Crepes and I had my favourite green tea icecream crepe  XP I really like the taste of their green tea icecream  ubershinyeyes I think their dessert crepes are very delicious  :peace



Then we headed to the UFO catchers and purikura machines ROOOOOLLING I really like purikura, though unfortunately no one really wants to take them with me leakingtears So I pester my friends to take them with me on my birthday haha :9 Though it’s really expensive to pay for them here compared to Japan – it costs around $15~$18 here :downers


And I also got another plushie to add to my collection :3 I used to love Mamegoma a lot a few years ago but now I’m a fan of Rilkkuma and friends lol :lovekuma

fisherman mamegoma?

Sorry for replying late to comments! I’m helping my mum out with her business this week so I can get the iPhone 4s for my birthday haha, which I think is fair compensation awesomepoop


  1. yes i love his cover too +__+ when ponponpon came out i stalked nico nico douga for all the covers lol. i also like OneCup’s cover :3

    purikuraaaaa \o/ haha, V and his signature hat. :9
    i haven’t taken any since your bday last year~ i want to take some before the xmas party too +___+

    so cute. peter pan mamegoma :>

    • Ahhh I haven’t heard that version, I’ll go look it up.

      Yeh.. he’s always wearing it lol.

  2. awwww cute outfit!! love the shoes with those stockings :) It looks like you had a lot of fun!! I loooove taking puricura pictures!! I like Mamegoma more than Rilakkuma :P

  3. arww it seems like you have had an awesome day. we even don’t have purikura here in my country =_= i’d really like to take some purikuras some day..
    your plushie looks very cute :’3 and before i forget ~~


    ShuShu ♥

  4. Wow, that’s a really good cover :D

    Really nice outfit! The boots were a really nice find :D

    Possibly the drink was a musashi blue? Lol, that’s the only drink that I know of that’s blue at Musashi :P

    • Thank you :meatbun:

      I think the drink’s name had coral in it or something? I tried the Musashi drink before, which is why I wanted to try something new XD

  5. i love kanzentaicell’s version as well! though the kagamin len ver. isn’t bad as well ehehe

    ughhh sydney has the best food choices in australia ever?? seriously, melbourne is so hole– everything is extremely overpriced and not much choices boo! and purikura here is around the same price as well ;__;


    • I love the Len version too lol :happy

      Oh really? Food here can get expensive, I guess it depends where you eat out at :sobbb

  6. ugh the food looks good. Every time you post pictures of food, I get hungry @_@
    I’m lovin’ the plushie!

    • Lol, I love to take photos of food :camera Sometimes I make myself hungry!

  7. It’s Friday in Canada (but probably Saturday in Australia…) so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

    That ice cream looks soooooooooo good. I wish we had crepes and crepe desserts here. We have a lot of greasy delicious hole in the wall places but none of that fancy stuff.

    And EEEEEE, I love mamegoma! So adorable, I got my first one about a month ago and it was SO exciting.

    An iPhone 4s is a very fair compensation for helping out your phone ;) My parents got it for me as a graduation present and I wanted to get it engraved but it can’t be engraved :(

    • Oh, you can’t get it engraved? Is the backing too thin?

      Aww really? Do you have frozen yogurt places? Frozen yogurt shops aren’t really popular here yet, I wish that it’ll get more popular soon though.

      And thank you energeticbun

  8. Oh, happy birthday! ^o^
    That okonomiyaki looks delicious~~~ *w*

    I’ve only tried purikura once at a convention, it was fun to decorate the pic and all but one always ends up looking so weird in them… At least I did. XD

    • Aww thanks :glee3

      I think sometimes they can turn out weird/scary if you choose the machine that enlargens your eyes XD

  9. love your outfit!!! you look great; it’s a mix of cute and edgy with the boots. i love okonomiyaki~~~~ so delicious.

  10. This is a great cover thanks for sharing :D
    Ohhh what a lovely “pre-celebration”! All your food looks fantastic…especially curious as to the contents of your fizzy drink :D Hope you have a lovely birthday!!!

    • I know they are, aren’t they? I have a fun purikura apps on my phone to compensate for the price of actual ones leakingtears

  11. Happy late birthday! It seems like you really enjoyed yourself! :) Btw, your outfit looks so adorable and cool! Love it :)

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