Oh hey, a shopping post. I haven’t had one of these in a while aye? megane Sometimes I think have a terrible habit of wanting too many things :emb But I love new and shiny things :shinyred

Recently I made a purchase of some manga volumes and mooks from bk1.jp. Unfortunately they ran out of stock of one of the mooks I ordered so I’m currently for them to receive more stock  :Aa  It’s been a week already, I really hope that the publisher has more copies or I’ll have to order it from Amazon Japan  foreveralone

Bk1 has more shipping options available to people living outside of Japan and also actually BULK ships everything lol. Sometimes when I order from Amazon Japan and click for bulk, it still comes in separately  :=_=U  A downside is that everything is in Japanese, but I think it’s still easy to navigate  XP

bk1 order

So these are the items I’ve ordered from them (left to right):

  • 身代わり伯爵の冒険 (The Substitute Count’s Adventure) vol 3, 4 & 5
    I like the art and find the storyline pretty funny from the first 2 volumes so I thought I’ll continue reading it :3
  • にゃんぱいあ – The Gothic World of Nyanpire
    The anime of this is hilarious, I like lame/crack type comedy like Chocomimi. Brightens up my day :) I have no idea what the manga is like though, couldn’t find much on it
  • Kera Boku
    This is a new magazine by Kera so I thought I’ll check it out :wheeeeee
  • Ank Rouge x Okarie Style Book
    I love Okarie and her style, so of course I had to get this :heart2
  • HbG 2011 Autumn/Winter 2 Fairy Sky Mook
    I don’t really know much about this but it looked cute so I thought I’ll check it out.

And wardrobe wise, I’ll hopefully be getting these items ubershinyeyes I’ve order from shoes and stockings/socks from Taobao and I’m hoping my friend in Tokyo can find me some Ingni and Candy Stripper items chuchu:

More shopping ^3^

I’ll add links and stuff once it’s confirmed lol :satisfied Also, I have no idea what’s gone wrong with my bloglovin’ feed so I’ll be using something else for now :waaahpan


  1. Oooo cute clothes!! I love the brown shoes in the bottom right photo. Make sure you take a photo if you get any of them! :)

  2. I like the pics you posted for your fashion inspiration :DD especially the brown shorts with the bows. that’s my style haha

  3. Ahh those clothes are really cute! The Nyanpire +Okaerie/Ank Rouge books look really interesting as well~

  4. woaaah i love thos skeleton tights! cant find em here =.= which is so sad!! and the tokyo tshirt is a nice choice as well <3

    • I’ve been seeing skeleton tights and socks on tumblr and looked the look of them so I thought I should get a pair. I also haven’t been able to find any locally so I was happy to see they have them on Taobao :raburabu

  5. waaah *-* you really have a great sense in style :3 the clothes are so pretty – i wish having them, too >.< so as maggie said, please make sure taking some photos :3

    ShuShu ♥

  6. Wahh ! definately put up a review for your Taobao items :) I love Candy Stripper and that type of style in general :)

    • I know, I just discovered Candy Stripper. I love almost everything :shinyeyes

  7. Who doesn’t love waiting for packages… X3
    Awesome finds, and I hope your friend in Tokyo can find the other stuff you want too.

    Just found your blog, it’s full of awesomeness~ ^o^

  8. That website for ordering books and magazines looks really nifty – I’m guessing the shipping will be quite expensive for heavy books so it might end up being similar to Kinokuniya’s prices…? ._.
    The Taobao items look really good too – I still haven’t picked up the courage to order from Taobao lol, there’s just too much choice! XD

    • Taobao is seriously like another vacuum for your wallet. There’s sooo many things to look at and buy lol XD I’ve made 6 orders there in a year lamelol

      Actually I asked Kinokuniya if they could give me an estimate.
      Nyanpire ¥980 = AUD22.45
      Okarie mook ¥1,500 = AUD34.16
      Migawari ¥588 = AUD13.13

      A major WTF to Nyanpire lol, idk why there’s the increase in price compared to Migawari :=_=U If there was only 1 or 2 books I wanted from Japan, I’ll probably order through Kinokuniya Sydney if the prices were too bad lol.

  9. I always love your hauls! xD

    I have the same problem too…I keep on finding things I want to buy. x____x (maybe I should stop looking for them)

    Kera Boku looks interesting…I’m gonna try to find it next time I go to Kinokuniya.

    And are “mooks” like ebooks? (I’m not very familiar with ebook platforms and terms – -; ) Do you read them on any particular devices or just on the computer?

    • I know, I don’t like being materialistic so I’m slowly trying to stop buying everything I see lol :emb Also I’m running out of room in my bedroom :OMGNOWAI

      Mook stands for magazine book ^^

      A Japanese concoction that’s merged magazine with book, the
      mook is usually a small-format, specialist title that will obsess over
      a single subject, trend or person for at least 150 pages. Source.

      • Ohh that makes sense! I’ll check out some mooks.

        For me, usually if I wait it out for a while, the urge of wanting to buy would die down a bit…but when I see my items get out of stock I would regret a lot. T-T

        And having to organize all the new stuff is kind of annoying as well…- -;

        Must focus on more important things!

        • Yes, I’m like that too >< Usually if it's something I think I can't find elsewhere I'll just buy it lol.

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