Recently I got a new shelf in my bedroom! My exams are over (though I still have the JLPT) and I’m on my Summer holidays lol, so I decided to do a major clean out of my room. I’m unfortunately am a big hoarder  :huuu I like to collect things and I’m a shopaholic, so next thing I know, I’ve run out room.

I’ve been throwing out a lot of my old study notes etc  to make room for more shelves. I think it’s pretty sad most of my hobby items take up the most space.. I still need to get my dad to assemble me another shelf. So this my new shelf, which has 5 layers wakuwaku

I got a new shelf~

At the top I have my Konapun and random assortment of fake food items. If you don’t know Konapun is this totally awesome toy – you add water to these special powders and you can make fake food puuu I’ve been collection them since 2008. It’s a pity that Bandai has stopped producing it, though there seems to be a lot of the Chinese version floating around.

Food, glorious (fake) food

On the next level below I have my Azone dolls, Nintendo DSi/3DS, toys won from UFO catchers and random cute stuff.  Thanks to one person who keeps winning the toys for me haha. I need to think of a better way to position the toys though.


On this level I have a random mix of English and Japanese magazines, Japanese craft/art books and English comics/manga/books. I have more English/Japanese manga though they’re stored in the basement. I don’t think I would have enough room to fit them with my other things. Magazines I have are: Smith Journal, frankie, Popteen, Choki Choki, Cutie, PS and some other random ones given by friends :3


Next, I have my textbooks, exercise books and folders stored. I have a bad habit of buying folders, especially if they’re by San-x since I love Rilakkuma. I think I’ve got 10 so so far.


And lastly I have more dolls at the bottom, I just hope my text books won’t end up squashing them haha  nyoo
I think organising things are fun but it’s hard to decide what to keep and what to chuck out :emb

Also my bloglovin’ feed is back…kinda. For some reason they’ve got my feed split into 2 lol.  Feel free to refollow!


  1. uwahhh that’s a beautiful shelf you have there! i personally like shelves that are placed on the floor as opposed to bookshelves mounted on the wall but my room doesn’t have enough space! you are so lucky you do (●´艸`)
    and this is just random but i love your dolls! i was inspired by you to get my first doll who has yet to arrive /dokidoki

    • Aww really? Which doll did you get? I hope it comes soon :whoosh

      I’m sort of scared of wall shelves. Since I have main things, I’m scared it would collapse lol :uwa

  2. OMG! I already said that on flickr, but EVERYTHING IS SO CUTE!
    I have to clean my shelf too, my mangas and stuff are all just there and I can’t even find my favorite one when I need it >_<
    Kissu ~

  3. Ooo, love the new shelf! And everything is organized so neatly :D I’m a big hoarder + shopaholic as well (definitely not a good combination), so I know how you feel, lol.

  4. I’m a HUGE kawaii hoarder, you should see my desk. It’s literally just plushes thrown on top of it. My goal before my semester started was to be able to use my desk, and it didn’t happen. It’s getting worse again because although my buying rate has lowered, it hasn’t stopped -_-. I think It would need 3 large shelves to display all my plushies.

    My sister started getting into Konapun because of a youtuber whose only videos are of Konapun. She’s also getting into re-ments and just asked for two rilakkuma sets for Christmas.

    • Oh yes, I’ve seen those videos on youtube XD And re-ment is awesome. I think I would be addicted to buying them if they were bigger in scale lol.

      Good luck with figuring a way on how to store your plushies lol :happy

  5. Omg i’m so jealous of your konapun collection! These little things are just fantastic and i really want to buy one someday! They look so cute and tiny!
    And your new shelf is adorable :3

    • Yes, konapun is awesome. I hope you have the chance to play with it, it really is fun ongaku

  6. What a lovely shelf~ I love organizing things so I love little shelves and and containers with compartments :)

    OHH!! Those food models! I wanted to try some bad but never got any…haha I’m so sad they’re discontinued! :(

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