Today I had a mini catch up with I in the city  energeticbun It mainly consisted of us eating eating at various places and looking at the Christmas decorations in the city  :xmas It’s nearly a month til Christmas, I think time flies by so faast nowadays lol  :whoosh

I finally wore my Liz Lisa dress :fan I think it’s the perfect dress for Summer! I still have no idea how to tie the tie thing properly haha.. :uwa


I think my favourite time to wander around the city is around mid-November and December to see all the decorations that shops put up  kirakira I’ve been asked a number of times if it’s weird to celebrate Christmas without snow but I have no idea since I’ve never experienced a white Christmas :emb I never thought it was unusual that a lot of Christmas themes are snowy/Wintery though it’s Summer here lol  nyoro

These snaps were taken at The Queen Victoria Building. I think every year they have some sort of partnership with Swarovski to decorate the shopping center  :shinyeyes There’s also a HUUUGE Christmas tree that is the height of the whole center that’s in the building, but I didn’t take good snaps of it  foreveralone





And these cute gingerbread men were on the display of Typo.


I also went back to My Sweet Memory cafe and had a green tea ice chiller again yoohooo I have a habit of always ordering the same thing if I like it a lot lol :sweat But I took some different shots of the shop this time lol :9

My Sweet Memory Cafe Sydney City



And that was my day lol :wheeeeee Also I’ve got a lot of packages coming in next week soo I’ll have some interesting posts coming up XP


  1. It must be interesting to have Christmas during the summer!

    I should visit Australia during the holidays at some point~

  2. What a lovely blog >w<
    AND LOVELY DRESS! I have such a longing for Liz Lisa…but I've never gotten a chance to buy anything of theirs. Ugh seriously, that dress is magnificent!

    Your outing sounds really nice…I love just strolling through the mall and such a quaint cafe…aww, seems so nice!

    Hmm…I live in the US but it's too far south and I we hardly ever get snow in the winter either. So I can sympathize a bit! ;D
    lol…I also always get the same thing over and over whenever I go to a restaurant I like. I feel like I should try other things but I can't bring myself to lol ''orz

    • I know, I really want to buy a lot of Liz Lisa items.. the only thing stopping me is the price LOL :sad So pricey but I think their items look unique? chuchu:

      I think sometimes I’m scared to waste my money on something I won’t like to eat, so in the end it’s easier to get something I’ve tried before.

  3. Stop making us drool over sweet memory cafe since we don’t have access to it over here in nyc..!! hahahah! just kidding :P i agree november – december just gets me in the holiday mood. i love it :D the liz lisa dress looks soo cute on you! i love the color and design of it; very girly cutesy ~~suits you

  4. arrrw i just love christmas *♥* everything looks great decorated and lovely :3 and your dress looks also very awesome. i wanted to buy the same one, maybe i will still do it someday – i don’t know. but it’s very very cute and looks great on you!

    ShuShu ♥

    • Aww thank you c: I think it’s a cute dress, I love the design of it. Good luck on deciding if you want to buy it :D

  5. Adorable dress! I can’t imagine what it’d be like to celebrate Christmas without it being cold and snowless. But seeing Christmas decorations just makes me really happy in general :D

    Do my eyes deceive me or is the boxers on the one of the gingerbread men…breaking?

  6. Ooo, I love your dress! I love white Christmases because that’s how I remember Christmas as a child, but it’s been 10+ years since there’s been one where I’m living :(
    Love the Christmas decor at the shopping center, it looks amazing!

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