Look what appeared yesterday!  wakuwaku


Everything is awesomeee~ Pretty pleased with everything I got.

In this post I’ll just be posting about ordering from bk1.jp. I’ll most likely be posting about most of the things that I got sometime later if anyone’s interested :3 I may or may not scan things though, I don’t really like wrecking books to scan them nicely.

So bk1.jp is an online Japanese bookstore which sells items such as books, magazines, music and movies. They ship overseas with various mailing methods compared to Amazon Japan, but a downside is that everything is in Japanese. It’s fairly simple to pay, you can just enter your credit card details :D

  • 27th Oct– Placed order
  • 28th Oct– Notified that Kera Boku was out of stock so they were waiting to receive more from the publisher
  • 17th Nov– Notified that Kera Boku was cancelled because they had lost contact with the publisher or something.. (idk if I translated it right lol)
  • 18th Nov- Received shipping notice/invoice
  • 23rd Nov– Received package

I have no idea what happened but it looks like they’re not longer selling Kera issues anymore.


I’m very pleased with how they packed everything :teehee As you can see in the photos, they padded my order with foam sheets and similar sized items were placed together and shrink wrapped.

Shipping and handling fee came to 4000yen (I paid for EMS).




I was pleased with their service. The only downside was that they couldn’t get more copies of Kera Boku, but I ended up getting it anyways at my local Kinokuniya happybear I would definitely order from them again puuu


  1. uwahhh! i’ve heard alot of good reviews on bk1.jp but i could never bring myself to pay shipping for books! your orders are lovely though (●´艸`)– but that sucks how they stopped kera boku! ;__; though you are still so lucky to reside in sydney and have kinokuniya! i live in melbourne and can only order from a much smaller jp bookstore (which i’m okay with price-wise since i’m a loyal customer ehehe) but i guess it’s okay considering shipping is so expensive, boo

    • Kinokuniya does mark up a lot sometimes >.< I guess paying $8 more isn't too bad though.

  2. Hi~ Your order arrived pretty fast! And it was secured nicely. But the shipping is extremely expensive. (」゚ロ゚)」 I really miss a Japanese used book store online that selled the new stuff too with 600 yen max of shipping.. But they closed. (/□≦、) Anyways, enjoy all your new mang / books. (≧▽≦)ノ

  3. It’s always a pleasure stumbling over you blog =) I like you new layout! I know it’s almost unbelievable but somehow I can’t have your RSS feed :/ I will try it again, maybe it works now :) I will definitely check out bk1.jp! I hope it’s not too difficult browsing a site that is all in japanese :P

    • Please tell me if my rss feed is ok or not for you. I hope I have fixed the problem.

      And thank you energeticbun

  4. i love your ank rouge diary, and the hbg mook~
    never heard about bk1.jp, they look quite cheap but the shipping fees always hurt T^T
    you are so lucky to live in sydney and have kinokuniya, whereas I only have this little japanese magazine store

    • Yeh, that’s one of the disadvantages of living in Australia haha. I really don’t like how shipping is always so expensive :emb

  5. ooooh that’s too cool, so many cute books >.< i'd like to order sth, too but i don't understand anything of the website… ^_^"
    you can read japanese??

    ShuShu ♥

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