On the weekend I attended a doll meet at an Irish place at The Rocks. Freshly made scones are delicious chuchu: I had the chance to try plain, strawberry and cream, currant and spinach scones. The spinach scone tasted a bit salty which was interesting. I also tried a variety of jams which were all very nice and fruity :cutlery And yes, finally some photos not taken with my iPhone LOL  XP



I also got to see many different dolls :camera I think pretty dolls are always fun to photograph :lovekuma Here are some of my favourite shots.


:bow2  My doll with mk13’s pretty girl   :bow1





If you’re interested you can see more on my flickr.

Do doll meets sound weird? I’ve had some people ask me about them before. Basically it’s just a get together of doll interested people and they usually bring their dolls and everyone looks at them and photographs lol. I think it’s a great chance for people to learn more about them and see how dolls look in real life compared to photos :peace


  1. Scones, whoop! I like scones with cream and jam, but I don’t actually have them often.
    I love the last photo: the colours and lighting are really good.

    I’m not big on dolls, really… I had two Barbies when I was younger but they both ended up with no arms/legs, ha. A doll meet does sound kind of weird to me but that’s only because there aren’t that kind of thing around me, and I certainly haven’t heard of one before. But if you get free food and get to take photos, they don’t sound bad at all. :D

    Take care! xx

    • Yes, I love how some of them can look realistic :3 You can google “ball jointed dolls” to find out more about them ^^

  2. Oh I love the dolls so much! They are so beautiful *w*
    Looking at them makes me feel like I’m in a fairy Tail

  3. i want more sconessss >U<;; i liked the vanilla pear jam w/ double creammm combo.
    still can't get over how gorgeous SDGr Lorina is ;AAAAA;
    and all those other volks…. *getting sucked in*

    • I know, the hobby is a never ending cycle of buying :P I think the only 2 things that can stop someone is money and running out of room :9

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