So recently in Australia, Coca Cola has this marketing campaign, Share a Coke, where people can buy bottles with their names on it. Since they only put 150 names on the bottles, you can visit select Westfield shopping centres to get your name on a can instead  happybear

Yesterday I headed to the city and decided to get a can :raburabu It took me around 30 mins to line up and get it done. I would have gone earlier but it took me a while to find the booth lol  :downers


Basically you just fill out a card with your name (it can’t be a brand or city though) and then they make a label and stick it on the can XP

I think it’s a pretty good strategy, people love their names on things lol. And by making custom cans, everyone can be happy yoohooo


  1. Oh my gosh that’s awesome! I’d love to have a coke can with my name on it! Too bad they don’t have this campaign here in the US :(

    • Aww, if I could mail it I would. I’m not sure if you’re allowed to ship cans of soda? It might explode on the way.

      • Yeah, that’s very true.

        I wouldn’t mind an empty can really, since I can just get the regular Coca Cola here. (even though I’m a Pepsi person…well, I don’t really drink Pepsi anymore, but if you ask me Coke or Pepsi, I’d say Pepsi. xD; )

        Haha, nah, maybe US will have something like this in the future…very very very far in the future. – -;

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