Yay I finally post another review. I know I have an extremely bad habit of forgetting to post reviews, but they’ll eventually be posted.. lamelol

Recently there was a sale at AKA Cosmetics (local Asian beauty store chain) and they were selling Hoyu’s Beautylabo Bubble Whip Hair Colour in Classical Berry for only $10  yoohooo Hoyu has updated this range, so this particular colour/shade in level 2 isn’t available anymore  :swirl

beautylabo bubble whip

Isn’t the packaging really cute? I’ve heard a lot people say it reminds them of a milkshake :bunny


A quick look at the packaging. This dye is only level 2 brightness so it’s not supposed to show up much on darker hair.


This is what it all comes with:

  1. Shaker/container
  2. Powder
  3. Gloves (they have a fruity/sweet scent!)
  4. Instructions
  5. Base Water
  6. After Colour – hair serum for after you dye your hair

Click for a larger image ^^

Now for the fun photos!  :happy So first you pour in the base water and then add in the powder.


Close the lid securely and give it 30 good shakes! The shaker has a type of locking system so make sure it’s closed properly  :3 This is what greeted me after I shook it. Does it look so foamy and fluffy?  :3seal But after a while…


The foam darkened to a berry shade :OMGNOWAI With a few lumpy bits at the bottom  :uwa


Anyways, just apply the foam to your hair. I don’t think you need to worry about the dye staining your skin. I found that it came off pretty easily when I was washing out the dye from my hair. This is a photo of after I applied all the foam dye.


And this is roughly 20 mins after. The instructions say that you should only leave it in for 30 mins, though there is a 5 minute leeway if you have longer hair.

Foam dye after 20mins

And these are photos of my results! happybear After the initial wash, I found my hair to be a bit dryer than usual, but nearly a week later it’s fine. Since it was only level 2 brightness, I didn’t expect to see much change. But as you can see from my photos, you can actually see a bit of colour when my hair is in direct light :raburabu I’m also waiting to see if the colour will lighten up after a few more washes.

Room lighting (direct light?)
Room lighting deux
At night with flash

I’m definitely very happy with my results. I can’t wait for a few months to pass so I can try out other colours lol :92


  1. wow, loving the hair color! and the packaging is really cute omg i’d keep it after using the hair dye xD and i’ve never heard about that brand either o.o

  2. ….that looks like something I am not allow to use ROFL XDD It looks too yummy!!!–that I might actually start licking it XDD; ahhh, I have a history of doing such a thing * ashamed* haha I’m glad you like the result. It looks like it have your hair a bit of a color, but not too wild :)

    • Haha be careful of the chemicals! :9 I think Japanese marketers really know how to appeal to people with their cute packaging lol.

  3. Interesting post~ i like reading about product review lol. The berry color looks so pretty hehe. the color dye came out very subtle :P

  4. Really… I thought it had to do something with food. XD I like reading the product review btw :P It turned out lovely on you! :)

    • I think you can. I think I remember people from Soompi seeing they’ve seen it in Asian stores over there.

  5. It really looks like a milk shake!! :happy …your hair looks sooo shiny after the coloring! I’ve always wanted to try a foam dye! The color is very subtle and turned out lovely on you!

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