I’ve got a social type event coming up on Thursday night so I thought I should cut my hair. I haven’t had a haircut since June or July, since I was really busy, so it was going all crazy lol. Once again I decided to go for a short hairstyle, though this time it’s not really a bob – I just got short with layers. Since I have thick hair and it always grows out of style fast I prefer having short hair. This time I went to Hanavie to get my hair cut. It’s a Japanese salon which my friend recommended me to try  :raburabu It was a bit expensive but the guy I got was friendly and I’m please with the way my hair turned out.

I really like the short layered and textured type of hairstyles. I loved it when Okarie had shorter hair, I think the way she styles her hair is so cute! :deer   Though currently my hair’s a bit too short on the side to curl it.

I’m also planning to get my hair dyed again since the last time I dyed it was like in feb so my hair is nearly all black now. I’m thinking of getting these 2 colour: Glossy Brown or Royal Brown. I want to go a really light colour but I can’t be bothered to fix my eyebrows..  donn

Anyone had experiences with Prettia or bubble foam dye? Also thanks to the people wondering why my blog hasn’t been updated for so long lol. Nice to know that people stick around to read this energeticbun


  1. So cute! *_*

    Hmm…I think I should get new haircut as well…

    I’ve been sticking to the same hairstyle for most of my life(just long hair…and…well, bangs? xD)

    Must find new hair inspirations!

  2. cuuute :D You’re lucky to have thick hair! It’s a lot of fun having short hair :3 I like how you styled it…it’s not too much and not too little.

    • Thanks Nyuu C:

      It’s nice having thick hair, though the downside is that my haircuts always grow out really fast >< I haven't had long hair for a while since I've always been trying to maintain it at a shorter/medium length ;o;

  3. wow super cute haircut! it fits your face really well! ahhaa i love texturizing my hair. i swear my Gatsby products<33

    nope, never used those bubble hair dyes…though when i looked into it, the results weren't too great in my opinion from black to brown. but if you want subtle change i think it should be fine ^^v

    • Thanks ^^ Yeh, Gatsby’s great isn’t it?

      As long as it doesn’t turn out blotchy or lighter at the roots, I think whatever shade it turns out to be will be fine XD

  4. I love your hair, it’s so cute and full.

    I went from a blonde to brunette today but that was done by the hairdresser so cant tell you about bubble dyes etc.

    • Thank you :3

      Yeah, I know that it’s probably better to get my hair done at a hair salon but I’ve always wanted to try out a bubble dye lol.

  5. wah. your haircut looks cute ^0^)bb
    i need to get my hair cut soon… my hair is basically one length and it’s so thick XD;;
    i’ve only ever went from brown to a darker colour so not sure about prettia’s colour lifting ^^;;

    • I know, it’s so horrible when your hair grows out right? D8 Sab actually bought me the Beautylabo Bubble Whip hair dye in Classical Berry so I’ll see how it turns out lol. Apparently it lightens after a few washes.

  6. Love your new haircut! I envy people who can pull off short hair, because I know I never could x_x I’ve heard good reviews about Prettia’s foam hair dye, and though I’ve never tried that brand, I’ve tried foam dye before and it’s super easy to use. No drips, no mess, and you don’t have to worry about missing parts of your hair :)

    • Yeah, the advantages of foam dye sound appealing energeticbun

      & thank you ^^

  7. That’s a really nice haircut! :D
    I’vealso heard good reviews about Prettia – though if it’s any advice at all, don’t leave it in too long – Japanese hair dyes tend to have a relatively higher amount of bleach in their dyes which may end up frying your hair a bit if you leave it too long. That’s what I learnt from using Palty, anyway :x

    • Thanks for the tip! :wheeeeee I’ve always heard people saying that they leave in the dye longer to make the colour show up more, I guess I won’t do that then.

  8. Your short hair is cute :] I wish I can pull off short hair or even have the courage to get my hair cut short. I think both colors would look nice on you. You’re lucky to have thick hair. I have thin hair so it get’s easily damage from anything so I don’t color my hair sadly.

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