Wheeee~ I’m alive lol yoohooo I’m just like drowning in university work and helping out at a convention so I will not be posting much until like the end of September. That’s after my mid term assessments, convention has passed and my trip to the Gold Coast ded I’ve got like 8 assessments/quizzes/essays due in the period of 2 weeks, going to be drained lol  :waaahpan

Anyways, I got my copy of Popteen last week kirakira  I really love the cover, it depicts a typical Summer day to me. Eating watermelon on a beach or somewhere sunny :peace

Popteen (^O^☆♪

Even though you can find issues of it online, there’s nothing like having a physical copy in your hand. I highly suggest people to buy magazines if they like it so the magazine won’t cease to exist like Cawaii  foreveralone

While flipping though the magazine and visiting Popteens’ webstore, I noticed the brand INGNI. I’m just inloooooove with their current items!  ubershinyeyes They currently have like classic/vintage type pieces which I can’t get enough of :raburabu I can’t believe I’ve never noticed them before. They’ve got a few blouses and tops with peter pan collars and bows which are my must haves lol  chuchu:

And these are my favourite co-ordinates from their site lol :3 Time to start saving to buy their items or to find similar pieces haha :wheeeeee


  1. Ooo…I really like these! I have a thing with bows. ><;

    Japanese brand name clothes are so expensive though…@@

    • I wish they weren’t that expensive but I think sometimes they have unique designs so I buy them anyways lol :emb

      • Yeah, the design costs a lot…it’s like buying brand name lolita clothes. Sure, you can make something similar at home, but your local fabric store certainly does not carry the same print and laces.

        Hey, as long as you love it and you are willing to save up for it, why not? -w-

        Besides, clothes in Asia…you get what you paid for, unlike the overpriced American crap. <.<

  2. I love going through Japanese magazines. i find their fashion to cute. I only have one physical copy of a magazine (PopSister September 2010) sadly. To fill the empty spot in my heart, I download scans but a physical copy is so much better >.<
    And the clothing are really cute. I love the blouses in the 2nd picture.

    • Yeh, I know it’s hard or really expensive for some people to constantly get Japanese magazines. I’m luckily that there’s a Kinokuniya in my city though they nearly triple the price leakingtears It’s kinda sad that that price is cheaper that getting it ordered online foreveralone

      • I live in North California, and there is a Kinokuniya in San Francisco. Their prices are actually pretty good, it’s only about $8 USD for one magazine. However, paying for the gas, toll, and parking to go to San Francisco…pretty much equals to your price. xD

        (there is a Japanese discount store near me that sells magazines as well….their selections are purely random, unfortunately)

        I think some people sell japanese magazine prints on ebay (around $2 for a digital copy)…I don’t think they’re legal so I’m kind of afraid to buy those. ._.;

  3. I used to buy the Chinese version of Popteen when I lived in Taiwan, but now I feel like their style is too young for my taste :/ I do love the clothes from INGNI though, the bows add such a nice touch to the pieces :D

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