I got 2 pairs of lenses from Pinky Paradise but I only have proper photos of the G&G GBT Sky lenses being worn, so I’ll post about the other pair soon  :sweat I also personally dislike it when blog posts get too busy so I’ll be posting about ebay purchases later this week.

G&G GBT Sky Review G&G GBT Sky Review

:chuuu  Pinky Paradise
I ordered these on the 19th of June and got them on the 4th of July.  They were sent by registered mail so I didn’t mind that that took a while to come. There was also the problem that one of the I had originally ordered was out of stock, but they contacted me prompty and asked if I wanted to change to another pair, which I did.

I received the items in this envelope shown, but they also bubblewrap everything and further wrapped the bottle lenses with foam sheets.

Pinky Paradise

And this is the contents of the package!

Pinky Paradise

I think I got the eyebag mask and fringe sticker for free since I used Jenny‘s code at the checkout :glee2  I’ve always wanted one of the velcro fringe pieces before so I was very happy lol. I got got cute hipo (?) cases to store my lenses in and they’re very cute.

Pinky Paradise

Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

Pinky Paradise

These lenses are a vibrant blue , definitely do not get these if you are looking for a subtle blue. They are noticeable in indoor  lighting and outdoors. They are also pretty comfortable, though I feel that they dry out a bit fast even if I apply eyedrops but it’s not too bad. As these lenses are 14.0mm I think there’s little to none enlargement. I have small eyes so they sort of make my eyes appear larger lol.

And here are 2 more photos, my fringe is becoming too long already.

G&G GBT Sky Review G&G GBT Sky Review

I’m wearing BB cream by Bavipaht, blush by Peripera, Dolly Wink eyeshadow in #1 and Dolly Wink eyelashes #2 :eheh I was too lazy to put on bottom eyelashes haha..I still haven’t gotten the hang of putting them on :emb


  1. Wahh! ^_^ They look so nice on you~ Sometimes circle lenses have the effect of looking too unnatural on some people but they really suit you. Love your haircut too XD Your lashes are bustin’~ did you get them online through sasa.com? Or in stores?

    • Thank you! :3 I got the from Sasa! I think they’re the only store that sells them online around the actual price and you can get free shipping if you spend over a certain amount kirakira.

  2. The blue contacts look really good on you, exotic, but at the same time, still very natural :) I could never pull off light colored contacts, I just end up looking weird, haha. The contact cases are also super cute!

    • Thanks :heart2 I’m still not used to seeing myself with light coloured eyes. They really make your eyes stand out lol.

  3. The lenses look really lovely on you! I love them a lot! :) They give you quite a natural look :)

  4. OMG! You look so lovelly with the lenses *—* I can already see you with them and your amazing ciel cosplay *O* (Yeah, I know i’m being a little bit creepy, sorry LOL) And I thik your hair looks great like that! Even with your fringe is long :3
    Have a nice week! ~Chuu

    • Awww thank you ubershinyeyes It makes me happy that someone wants to see my cosplay though I’m still a newb at it haha.

      Yeh, I need to get a haircut again lol :downers

  5. Ohhh super cute lenses cases!! Love them!! And I love buying things online, especially when they’re delivered… Kinda does suck though when it takes a long time to come in !!! >< Hahah oh well!! Cute layout to have here!!

    • Thank you! ^ ^I think that’s one of the perks of buying online, I love to receive mail haha.

  6. I just found your blog through soompi and everything about it is so lovely :D I was double excited when I saw you cosplayed, hehe. So hello from a new follower~

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