So I finally went to Mizuya last night. It’s like a really well known Japanese restuarant in Sydney but I never felt like eating there lol megane R invited me to eat there for dinner so I thought if a Japanese person likes their food, it must be good :92

They have like little booths for people to sit in which I thought was cute haha. You can see more photos on their site. For once I didn’t take many photos  ZOMGOMG

We had king fish sashimi, hot pot, choya umeshu (Japanese alcohol) and a green tea shiratama sundae :happy The hotpot was very tasty, I liked the soup  :cutlery I’ve never had hot pot at a restaurant before since my parents have it at home, so it was interesting to experience. The meat cooked so fast lol :huuu /noob


The result of R's cooking chuchu:

I really liked the dessert. Green tea with red bean and mochi is my absolute fav! ROOOOOLLING

I become a chibi after alcohol lamelol

I become really red after alcohol so no one shall see my face lol :shinyeyes

I had a really  great time last night and I really want to eat there again to try out their other dishes :raburabu This week I have been package happy so some reviews will be popping up soon  energeticbun

Moaaaar Packages Lol


  1. O: i have the lycee eyedrops too~ they’re really gentle =v=
    my friend has the ice drop ones by the same company and she said the first time she used them it felt like her eyes were on fire xD

    • I found them a bit too strong for me even though they’re only level 3 =o= Yeh, I heard that about the ice drops, which is why I decided to get th pink one XD

  2. That hotpot looks so delicious and the beef looks like it was amazing quality! I was so temped to buy that brand of eyeshadow, but in Taipei it was so expensive! $15 dollars T-T <3 Do a review about the lychee eyedrops! I'm so curious! <33

    • Yes, it’s sort of pricey but I love Tsubasa’s products! :yaaaaaay And sure I will post up a review of that soon kirakira

  3. Really, You keep making me hungry every time I come here :P Love your last chibi drunk photo a lot! XD

  4. Ooo, the hotpot looks delicious :D I wish there was a restaurant like that around where I live. And I love makeup reviews! Can’t wait to see yours!

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