Wow, I haven’t updated in a while lol!  :emb I’ve just had a fantastic week catching up with friends, watching Harry Potter and attending a convention  happybear I hardly do anything with my high school friends during semester so usually the holidays are the times when we catch up.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt.2 is awesome! They changed some of the battle scenes from the book, but otherwise I throughly enjoyed the movie :raburabu I feel a bit sad since it marks the end of my childhood lol :sobb2 I remember when the 4th book came out when I was like 9 and that’s when my school was crazy about it, and I watched the 1st and 2nd movie on my birthday since it was released around that time XP I also made my dad buy me the Gameboy Colour about the 2nd movie for my 12th birthday haha :wheeeeee

What's a movie without popcorn? ;)

Last week was like the week of ramen for me :cutlery


This is the ontama bukkake ramen from Mappen. This place is great if you want to eat cheap ramen, soba or udon, though the place fills up fast. I also love their toppings ROOOOOLLING This time I got tempura sweet potato and tempura pork sausage as my toppings. I’ve never had a tempura sausage before so I thought I would try it :drool


I also went to Ichi-ban Boshi and had my usual Shio butter corn ramen with melon soda and icecream ROOOOOLLING I always order these two when I eat out at this place lol, my favourite combo energeticbun



I also managed to get my hands on the latest issue of Popteen. It’s so cute and bright lol! Perfect cover for Summer tenki They’ve got a few hair style pages in there which I think is always useful.



  1. I’m so excited to the last HP movie!! The ramen look fantastic :drool .. by the way, I like your blog and am following you! If you like my blog too, follow me back :raburabu

    looking forward to reading your reviews!!

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