This week marked the beginning of semester 2. I’m actually sort of glad to go back since I was getting really bored lol, need to stimulate my brain. This is what my timetable looks like this semester:

Yay for 3 day weekends! I’m also happy for later starts since I like to sleep in, though I finish at 5pm two days. I’m not looking forward to the traffic congestion at that time :gloom

The assessment pile this semester looks ok, though I have at least 1 Japanese quiz every week.

draft preview of my next 2 months

On Wednesday I went out with a friend and we had fun playing with UFO catchers and eating food.  He won all these plushies and gave me 2 since I didn’t win any lol. I swear they’re rigged! :buuu  I had many instances where the claw grabbed the toy and just dropped it…   :=_=U I really wanted this squirrel one but we spent like $8 and still couldn’t get it, I think the head was too heavy lol.


My cute Mameshiba and Korilakkuma keyrings. The Korilakkuma is so soft and fluffy.

Got some new "lenses" for 1 of my iPhone apps. They're so fun to play with lol (´Д` )

The ninja tofu he won is also really cute.
Ninja Tofu!

For dinner we ate at Takeru. I’ve always wanted to go there ever since I heard about it. When people hear that one of my dolls is called Takeru, they ask me if I’ve eaten there lol (though I didn’t name him after the restaurant) :swirl I ordered shio corn ramen (again   :blood ) and it was very filling though it isn’t as tasty as the one from Ichi-ban Boshi. At least this dish has 3 pieces of meat instead of 1  :huuu


We also had fried green teat icecream for dessert. The outside was nice and crispy and the icecream was great  :XD A nice dessert to end a meal.

Fried green tea icecream


  1. Lol yeah, UFO catchers are super rigged – the strength of the claw is randomly strong after X amount of $$ has been inserted into the machine. It’s the same with the roulettes as well – you just have to try your luck XD


  2. The plushies look adorable! It’s really sweet of him to give you 2. I do thing those machines are rigged, tbh. It’s the way they can stay in business hehe

  3. I have never tried out those machines but a friend of mine is really good at them. I guess it depends which machine is rigged. Those plushies are so freakin cute. I don’t know which one is cute :P The dessert looks so yummy. I always wanted to know how people deep fried ice cream.

  4. Wow you start school early!

    It was so nice of your friend to give you two plushies, I love mameshiba but I’m not too crazy about Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma. You’re lucky that you have cute prizes, the ones I have where I live are so ugly and impossible to get so I guess it works out.

  5. Awesome! My weekends are almost 3 days! I only have art history early in the morning on Friday!

    And mmm, that fried ice cream looks delicious!

  6. Awesome schedule! c: Lucky ducky! This semester, I have 5 straight days with 5PM days, which sucks. :( I’m so envious! Awesome plushies. <3 They're so adorable. I really love Rilakkuma so much.

    • Rilakkuma is my favourite atm too :lovekuma I hope your schedule doesn’t tire you out too much.

  7. Hey! I’m also in my semester 2 right now, and i’m already running like crazy with all my work! HAHA. But is ok, I love it! :D
    And I’m in love with all this cute things! *O* I WANT IT ALL!
    Kisses and have a nice semester :3

  8. oh my!! The plushies are too cute!! I love Mameshiba :3 and the tofu Ninja is cute too.. My next semester starts in two days but I’m nt really happy about it..:|

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