Yesterday I had lunch and dinner with friends as a way to celebrate I’s (belated) birthday and a meetup before she went on her exchange to Japan  balloons1 I guess usually we do a group meet up and dining out like 3 times a year. We’re all pretty busy nowadays even though most of us are on the same campus lol  NG

For lunch we went to Sushi Hotaru :cutlery  It’s a sushi train type of eatery which has only been there for a few months but seems really popular. It’s always been packed every time I’ve walked by it. I had never been there before so J reccomended we go and check it out  :peace


It’s a pretty good place with a nice atmosphere. The rolls are $3 each and you can order them with the touch screen menu on the side or just pick it up from the sushi train happybear  Nifty technology lol. The handmade rolls also don’t take too long to arrive at your table  :3 Everything I ate was very tasty, reminds me of the sushi my mum makes  :bunny

Touch Screen Menu


Eel with cream cheese and cucumber. Sounds like an odd combination but it’s very delicious.


Egg :yaaaaaay


Wagyu beef (I think lol) with omelette.


And for dinner we went to the Bavarian Beer Cafe. It’s a German place and it seems like a lot of business people go there after work to drink beer. We were like the youngest people in there, we even had to show our IDs to get in haha :emb The food was also very expensive, all the mains cost around $26 and up. I got fish in beer batter and chips. The dish was very filling and tasty, though I will definitely only go there for special occasions since the place is out of my budget foreveralone Sadly I don’t have photos of the meal to share, I didn’t bring my dslr. I’ll try to get photos off my friends ongaku

Expensive Place
I also got a new pair of jeans from Zara :meatbun: It was my first time trying their jeans, before nothing caught my eye. I really wanted this pair in black since my Cheap Monday pair had started to fade, but as luck would have it, they were completely sold out of my size :waaahpan

I’m really picky with my jeans, they have to be super skinny and tapered lol. These jeans aren’t as tight as the Super Tubes by Cheap Monday but they fit well enough for my liking :happy They’re also way cheaper that CM, so I got swayed to get them lol XP One of my weird goals is to get jeans in every colour haha nyoro

I was out from 10:30am and got home at 9 something lol  :shock Long and tiring day  :up


  1. :D SUSHI!!! Cream cheese with eel does sound like an odd combo! XD I’ve always dine somewhere where kids can too eat because I find it annoying when I get ask for my ID =o=””

    I’ve stopped wearing jeans since last year…I’ve never found a true fit so I gave up LOL XD It’s so sad ToT Nothing fits me and provide comfort!

    • Vermillion Reply

      Ahhh really? I really recommend Cheap Monday Tight Stretch jeans. I love their fit and they hardly stretch after you wash them :)

      Yeh, usually I don’t to 18+ places so I don’t have to worry about it. Surprisingly though at the uni bars I haven’t been carded. I know a few underaged (17yr) first years who can get drinks lol :sweat

  2. It looks tasty and yummy :9
    aww how I love sushi, specially Salmon, it’s the best of all
    and I love the Jeans, looks simple but seems comfortable e to use, I guess Zara is too expensive for me (haha), but at least their jeans worth to buy…

    • Vermillion Reply

      Zara is actually more cheaper than most clothing stores in Sydney which is why I like them :emb

      And yup! They were really yummy :shinyeyes

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