I haven’t been buying clothing for a while so I went on a mini spree  ROOOOOLLING I bought  a few things online  and 2 things from my favourite store Dotti :lovekuma

When I saw this dress in Popteen I knew I had to get it!  spasticbear It’s by Liz Lisa and it’s so cute ubershinyeyes Liz Lisa has a really cute Summer range out at the moment. I would love to get everything but then it’s Winter here  :downers Sometimes I wish the seasons weren’t the opposite lol  :gloom

Wrinkly straight from the parcel :9

I love the bright colour of the dress, the lace used and the pattern energeticbun Everything about it to me screams that it’s the perfect dress to wear on a nice warm day  tenki

It fits well and is really comfy ubershinyeyes  There’s also like another layer inside to make the dress a bit poofy. I have no idea how to tie the bow though, guess I’ll need to google  happybear

I also got a short sleeved top from Liz Lisa (no longer on site lol) and long sleeved shirt from Tralala :peace  I love tops with bows :bow3  They also both fit well and are comfy! The Tralala shirt is so long though  :lol

Skirt on the right is also by Tralala C:
A closer shot of the pattern ongaku

And these are the items I got from Dotti yoohooo Even though I already got a fur trapper hat from them last year, I decided to get another one :shock I love the Nordic pattern on it. It also had little pom poms at the end lol.


I think the heart pattern on this is adorable though I’m scared of it becoming loose. S was the smallest size left and it fits ok now. I just hope it won’t stretch too much :waaahpan


I also got my cosplay ideas for the year completed! :heart2 I’ve decided to do Kazuya Kujo for SMASH! and Ciel Phantomhive for Animania lol (just ignore what the image says, I was asking for opinions before megane )

Which Cosplay?
Please ignore my socks lol


  1. Ooooh those are some really cute buys there :D I agree with the seasons being different – wish that the temperature difference wasn’t so great so that new clothes can be worn ASAP!
    And your costumes look so awesome ;A; Can’t wait to see what you finally decide on :D

    • Vermillion Reply

      Thanks! ^^ Yup, I’ll post a few photos on here after the event XD Have you decided if you want to go?

      • Lol I still have no idea – I don’t even know when it’s on. One thing for sure is that I have zero costume anyway (and I have a feeling it’s soon…) >_> DOH.

  2. That Liz Lisa dress is so cute! Did you use a shopping service to buy it? :)

  3. WAAAH *–* I just NEED to say that this Ciel cosplay is AWESOMEE! I almost cry when I see it ;~; Its so beautiful! And the other buys are awesome too! The heart t-shirt is really cute too! <3

  4. Such cute buys! I really like the first dress best, though the rest are nice, too. The first dress is so sweet with the lace. The collare looks really pretty, too.

    You’ve a really cute blog. Following you now

    • Vermillion Reply

      Thanks! :wheeeeee Yes, I think the details for the dress makes it so cute :glee5

  5. Those are some cute buys especially the dress :) I love Liz Lisa clothing but they’re so pricey >.<

    • Vermillion Reply

      I know sometimes they’re a bit expensive, but they have sales sometimes :starr

  6. aww I love everything you got! Especially the heart sweater! If the sweater ever gets loose, you can wear it like those over sized sweaters with leggings :) They’ll look super cute.

  7. cute purchases :D
    It seems like a lot of girls like Liz Lisa. When I was in Japan my two friend spent HOURS in the Liz Lisa stores. The girls that work there were like the models in those magazines, they’re very pretty! I’m not a huge fan of their clothing, but I did liked the accessories they have and the bags were so cute.

    I really like the heart sweater :D

    • Vermillion Reply

      Haha, I have a feeling I would be like your friends :teehee I think when I visit a Liz Lisa store, it’ll be like heaven lol.

  8. You always have the best hauls! >_<

    I love your costumes, my friend gets hers at Taobao as well. How's the quality? Or it really depends on the seller?

    • Haha thanks! :raburabu It definitely depends on the seller. With the ones that I bought, I’m really happy about them :glee2 I gave them my measurements and the fit is pretty much perfect. It’s may be hard to search for reviews, but if you read the buyers comments usually they say whether they were happy with the sizing, colour etc.

      • I’ll probably ask my friend for recommendation…and she can help me navigate through the site. I can’t really read simplified Chinese. x___x

        By the way, do you use wordpress?

        • Maybe you can use google translate? My Chinese is very limited lol and I found it very useful.

          And yes I use wordpress.

          • Oh by the way, how do you pay for Taobao? Or do you use service?

            Alipay only works for Chinese Banks right? I think some people somehow manage to pay without a Chinese Bank account…I can’t seem to figure it out though. x.x

          • I use a SS. I’ve used Taobaonow, Taobaospree and Taobaogle, I prefer to use TBN for big sprees and TBS for custom made items.

            I’m sorry I’m not sure what Alipay is. I only have an Australian bank account lol.

  9. Haha I see. Yeah I was thinking about using a service as well…I don’t want to trouble my friend. (I guess I can order things whenever she orders) How much do SS usually charge?

    Alipay is like a Chinese version of Paypal, but they only allow you to link banks in China. I guess some people manage to find a way to add their funds into their Alipay account without a Chinese bank account. o_o

    I know Alipay also gives you the option of letting someone pay for you. Maybe that’s how people do it.

    • 10% or a minimum of 50 Yuan.

      Ahhh I see. I don’t really know much about Chinese things, I just shop on Taobao lol.

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