Yes I’m a few weeks late in posting about this but OMG AWESOME TRAILERย  :deer This trailer was shown at at E3 around the beginning of June, though sadly there hasn’t been any estimated release dates. I think it’ll most likely come out in 2012 since there’s hardly been any news on itย  onetear

I’m so excited about it since it shows a lot of new things in the game, such as swimming, mushrooms on the ground and lampposts around town. ย It also looks like you can get the bed hairstyle which I loved in City Folk version :glee2 ย I also hope they include going to the city in this game. Here are some screenshots taken from the E3 Nintendo site.

I love the Link screenshot. If you can’t tell I’m really excited about this game, I’ve got the DS and Wii version. I like to play simulation games since I usually play games on my way to uni, so I prefer playing simple games so it’s easy to remember what to do when I get back to it lol. I always have the problem of playing games and then forgetting to complete them lame lol fuuu

Anyways more interesting posts will be coming soon~ My last exam is tomorrow and then I’ll be going out more often lol. I’ve already planned to go to a craft far and celebrate a friend’s birthday :hearteye2


  1. the game looks fun! I’m the same when I’m traveling between places I like to play simple games like that. Too bad they haven’t announce the release date =( since I do wanna buy more games for the 3DS and this one seems perfect.

    lol I like how they talk.

    • Vermillion Reply

      Yeh, the announcement of this game was a factor that made me buy the 3DS :3 The way they babble is funny isn’t it? lol

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