Today I finally got my copy :music I’ve been sick for the past few days so I couldn’t get it off my friend. The one thing that I really dislike about Kinokuniya is the way they mark up the prices NG I know that it’s probably due to shipping costs but they charge AU$36 when it’s only like $13 in Japan foreveralone I saw a copy brand new on ebay so I bidded on it and it ended up being $20.50 including shipping :) What a bargain! :up


This comes with the magazine (though it’s more like a merchandise catalogue?), stickers, a mini tote bag and B5 folder, which has 2011 calendar dates on the back for all 12 months of the year :raburabu I think the Honey Rilakkuma theme is really cute :yaaaaaay



Inside the magazine there’s just basically photos of all their products such as bags, wallets, zakka etc. There’s also a few funny comics inside. There was a height chart of the Rilakkuma plushies that they’ve produced, from smallest (12cm) to tallest (120cm). I can’t imagine carrying the taller dolls. They look pretty heavy as well :shock


I also saw the Rilakkuma pass case that I have :D I’ve had it for a for a few years now lol. Very cute and useful :lovekuma


And here’s a quick snap of the print of the bag. Food + cuteness = :hearteye2


The bag is pretty tough and smooth looking. I think it’s like waterproof bag material? (Not sure if there’s a word XP )

More reviews/hauls will be coming up in a few days if I have the time. Unfortunately I have 5 assessments next week FML spasticbear So I’m going to be busy for a while.


  1. MintyOrange Reply

    Ahh! your posts are so interesting to read xD
    I really want a rilakkuma doll..but I think the big ones are really expensive >.>..

    • Vermillion Reply

      Thank you! :3

      Yes, they are. Do you have UFO catchers around where you live? I usually get small Rilakkum plushies from them :raburabu

      • MintyOrange Reply

        I looked that up and it seems I shall have to make a visit to little Tokyo where I live xD ..good thing summer vacation is here for me yay!

        • Vermillion Reply

          I hope you have fun and good luck winning plushies! In my city there’s some cheap $1 & $2 machines which are easy to win from. Hopefully yours will have something similar :happy

  2. I’ve recently discovered Rilakkuma (discovered isn’t really the word, I always knew he existed but didn’t really care about him). I don’t like him too much but every once in a while, I’ll find something cute of him (or Korilakkuma). But it seems that a lot of people really like him and I’m starting to get swept up into the frenzy too (just a little bit XD). But the honey collection is really cute.

    I have the furry plush of Rila and Kori. They’re so soft!

    • Vermillion Reply

      I know what you mean. At first I was a fan of mamegoma but slowly got more interested in Rilakumma items lol XP I like Korilakkuma as well.

      You’re so lucky to have furry plushies of them :shinyeyes I was thinking of buying one but wasn’t sure where to get it from XD

  3. Hey. Want to ask. When u bought from amazon japan, how much the tax u must pay when it arrived to sydney?

    • Vermillion Reply

      Hi, I didn’t have to pay any taxes. If I’m not mistaken, in Australia there are no custom fees for items/packages under $1000.


    I also have a little love affair with Rilakkuma – and the amount of tax we fork out IS just stupid, isn’t it? Oy vey.

  5. If that so, I’ll try to preorder from amiami now.
    Btw, thanks for your info.

  6. heelloooo fellow sydney sider! :D thankyou for the comment on my blog haha. I am loving your blog!!! and your posts are so interesting to read!
    i agree with u, kinokuniya always marks up the prices :( popteen is expensive :( :(

    • Vermillion Reply

      Hey & thanks! :glee Yes I know, I love reading Popteen but after a few months it starts to add up to quite a lot lol :sobb2

  7. This book is really cute! I didn’t even know they had a fan book like this. I might have to get it, if not me, for a friend :3

    • Vermillion Reply

      If you can get the first one, I think it’s much better. It has a Rilkkuma with an icecream on the front and there’s a mini plushie key ring besides a tote bag happybear

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