Recently I received my first packages from Amazon Japan :dance The books I ordered came in 2 packages since I accidentally chose to send them separately? :argh This annoys me since they both ended up coming on the same day FML :buuu It also made me realise why the shipping was expensive, but at least my dad paid for it all haha… :92

Amazon Japan

I ordered the Konapun Recipe Book and 2 text book supplementaries –ย Genki 1 and 2 Picture Cards on CD awesomepoop I love collecting Konapun so I thought I should buy the book to add to my collection :heart3

Konapun is like a fake play food set but you make the food by imitating what you would do in real life, which is why I love it ย :happy2 It’s so fun to create! If you want to know more, please read my review I wrote for Rakuten :happy

It’s getting really expensive to get all the sets to make the food shown here since they’ve slowly stopped producing it in Japan :uwa So I thought it’ll be good to buy it so when I make clay food I can get some ideas :bunny


I had no idea it was also a mook! It came with a mould and some sachets to make a cake :buncheer Guess I should have read the description more carefully :bunNO

I like freebies :teehee

The book is very nice, filled with easy to follow instructions and delicious looking (fake) food.

Now onto the other books :deer

I currently use Genki at uni and I wanted to make flash cards so I thought I should buy these books/CDs. I love the illustrations and it saves me time googling for images haha kirakira These only contain images so don’t buy them thinking you can study much from them :prince

Amazon Japan

Amazon Japan

I was really pleased with how fast everything came. It only took like less than a week, very happy :) I’m also planning to buy some magazines/mooks with Okarie on the cover, so I’m definitely going to place the order with them :wheeeeee


  1. woah ,cool books ! I always thought about buying a cooking book from japan ,because i love their food…but i donดt really understand japanese,only can read it >_< And their arent any good japanese cooking books in english X3
    have fun ~

  2. Thomas Gantz Reply

    Those look cool. You should post pics of your results after making some, too :-)

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