I’ve been having a few problems currently with my site such as Japanese not displaying and the font going weird and not showing gaps after colons and commas which is terribly annoying :| It makes me wish I didn’t change hosts :kuma2 But oh well I’ll just have to deal with it atm and see how to fix it :swirl So I’m sorry if my site still looks messy, I’m trying my best to fix it up as soon asap.

In other news, I received 2 big packages today :shinyred I got a package from Sasa and Taobao. It was hectic carrying them home, they weighed like 4kg+ all together. I’ll never try to order things so close together again lol :9

Sasa + taobao haul

I’ve decided that I’ll change the way I post hauls and reviews. I know I usually don’t give like “proper” reviews, I usually prefer to post photos that to describe it :=_=U So from now on I will post when I get a package and describe my first impressions of it and if I have time or really want to, I’ll make a another post about the item with more information kirakira


  1. yay for new host!! Which host? I’m trying to look for a new host to switch over too, but I can’t seem to find one I like =u=” Good luck with fixing everything~!

    So many goodies! :D

  2. OMG that is an AWESOME haul. And I absolutely love that B&C aquaway makeup remover (blue squeeze bottle), it’s my absolutely favourite make up remover!

    • Vermillion Reply

      Oh is it? I heard a lot of people talking about it so I decided to try it XD

  3. Hello! I just discovered your blog, and I gotta say I love it! I’m excited to see your reviews, especially on the makeup stuff! I spot Dolly Wink stuff =P

    • Vermillion Reply

      Thank you! I’ll be posting them soon if I have the time. Yup, I love Dolly Wink items lol :3

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