Today the first Zara store in Australia opened!  HAPPY I’ve always like to browse their site to look at their lookbooks but seeing their items upclose has made me into a huge fan  :glee5

Zara Sydney Opening

Today I bought 3 items~ I only had time to browse their TRF section coz it was CRAZY instore. It took me around 15mins to get inside, heaps of people were instore and the line to the changing room was insane  :nuuu: I wasn’t really sure of their sizes since I had never tried on any of their items so trying them on properly was a must for me  :sweat2 Also they only had 2 cash registers :nyoro

But anyways their items are sooo cute! :suki I would have loved to be able to buy more but I spent my spare cash for the month on cosplay :teehee

So this is what I got today :heart3 I got a blazer, forest top and chino pants with suspenders!

Zara Sydney Opening
I love preppy style and earthy tones :3

Everything feels like it’s of great quality and I only spent around $155 all together. Compared to my favourite local stores, this is such a bargain lol. I usually spend around $100 on jackets or pants :bunstorm Clothing just seems very pricey in Aust lol kumakuma Everything also seems to fit well  :satisfied

Zara Sydney Opening Close up of the pattern :) I was trying to edit it to look interesting but I guess it turn out kind of messy haha :OMGNOWAI I actually don’t like to eat mushrooms (or most veggies actually NG ) but I thought the pattern was kinda cute :bow1

The clothing also has cute tags which is nice to look at :heart2
Zara Sydney Opening

Also I got my first large doll this week~ :sunnies By large I mean that the doll will be around 60cm, though I haven’t gotten the body yet haha :gloom Been busying buying other things *coughs*

He has no eyes (hope this doesn't scare anyone lol)

I just need to buy 2 or 3 more dolls….and my collection will be complete I hope lol :emb It’s such an addictive hobby :garb


  1. Wow, Zara looks awesome! I can’t imagine how hectic it would have been instore but the prices look really tempting – I must check it out this week :D

    And your doll :D Can’t wait to see you finish the doll ^^

    • Vermillion Reply

      Yeh, you should check it out! :3 There a lot of nice and cute items ^^

      And thank you, I hope so soon so I can bring him to SMASH! lol.

  2. ohhh zara. I’ve only been to a zara store once and that’s when I went to New York. I don’t remember liking anything from the store because I remember it being quite pricey =(

    But I do like the mushroom top you got haha
    Very cute tags indeed :3

    You’re so lucky to have so many dolls! (yes, its a lot compare to my 0 collection) I want to have one T_T;

    • Vermillion Reply

      Ohhh, I see. I think their tops are pricey, but their pants and outers seem decently priced compared to local stores here.

      And thanks? Though I think it’s not really luck that I have them but maybe more that I should be spending my money on other things :wink

  3. Poor doll can’t see the beautiful side of Life yet.
    Hope you give him a nice look as soon as possible ^^

    • Vermillion Reply

      Haha, that’s one way to put it :prince And yes I will, I plan to make him look stylish lol :shinyred

  4. Just when I was lamenting I could not shop the ZARA online collection, I stumbled on this instead! Will zip to ZARA’s asap in my tatty brogues (which I hope to replace with those of ZARA’s, fingers crossed!). Also, how much did the preppy blazer cost? Thanks.

    • Vermillion Reply

      Good luck hunting for shoes! When I went everyone was grabbing everything, I hardly saw any shoes lol. The blazer was $69.95 :)

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