How’s everyone? :girl I hope everyone had or is having a nice Easter break! I’m currently on my much needed mid semester break, I’ve got so much studying to catch up on megane It only lasts around one week though :sweat

Happy Easter

A few days ago I bought flickr pro kirakira I always have the trouble of my desktop crashing every few years so I thought it would be a good way to store my photos kumakuma Even thought I pay for my own webhost I will be moving soon and I’ve had my flick account for near 4 years so I thought it’ll be better to stick with them :sunnies

So today’s random post, in which I attempt to update this blog more regularly without talking about shopping, will feature screenshots from one of my favourite games Animal Crossing: City Folk chuchu: I remember blogging about it before (maybe on my old domain) but it really is one of my all time favourites awesomepoop

I loved playing the DS version but I love the Wii one much more. The graphics are so much better and I love the addition of how you can visit the city :heart3 I absolutely love how you can make expressions in-game and collect balloons/pinwheels :starr Also Nintendo can send you items which I think is another awesome feature. I really can’t wait for the 3DS version, I have high hopes for it lol  puuu

One of my fav shots, I love how you can see the sakura petals floating around.
Pimkin Hat~
Pikman hat that Nintendo sent out

I like to trick the neighbours with pitfall seeds. In this shot the horse is stuck LOL
In the city with my rabbit balloon.
Friend came over & attempted to axe the pig XD
Fishing together


Blowing a dandelion

It’s a pity that I can’t play this game often, I usually play it in my holidays lol. My dad always watches the news after he comes home and the Wii is attached to that TV.

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