Wow, a week has passed since I last blogged NG . I was trying to make sure I blog at least twice a week but uni has been time consuming! :bunzzz And also tutorials have started this week so less time to relax haha :sobb2 But I thought I’ll sum up what has happened to me in the last week.

:bow3 Friday 4th
I got an issue of Popteen! I swear the covers keep getting brighter and brighter :nyoro But I also found this issue enjoyable to read and flick through like last month’s issue.

I will be blogging about it sometime soon (I will try and promise by early next week :wink ) but otherwise I’ve uploaded a select few pages already on my flickr. I’ll be switching to a host with less storage space in a few months so I’ve decided to pay for flickr pro soon, but I’ll talk about that later :)

:bow3 Sunday 6th
I caved in and got another doll (well doll head lol). I should totally be saving for my exchange to Japan but he’s sold very rarely and I don’t like buying second hand :sweat . So I thought, “Well I want an SD and I can afford him now, so why not? :shinygreen ” . I will buy his body hopefully after my exams so I don’t get distracted (that sounds so weird lol :lol2 ).

I have also been playing Pokemon Black :P I guess maybe I seem too old to be playing Pokemon, but I’ve been playing it since I was 9 or 10. So I’ve always been like I must play each version! :glee5 My favourite version is Gold but this current Pokemon version is fantastic. I’m in love with the graphics and the storyline is awesome! :92 And the Pokemon are very cute too :sunnies


:bow2 Tuesday 8th
And lastly I got my Goroke package! I ordered it around the end of Feb :bunmail

Cute clothing :bunchuu

I really like how they photograph their models and their co-ordinations :suki I also plan to blog about the site and a review of the items will be coming out in a week or 2 :)


  1. Exotic Japan Reply

    Cute head there. Hope you can get a nice body to go with it. :-)

    • Vermillion Reply

      Haha thank you! I’ve already got one picked out but trying not to spend all my money at once :bunstorm

  2. I like bright magazine covers!

    I also have Pok้mon Black, but I haven’t been playing it because uni is killing me. It’s also supposed to my birthday present from my brother and he’s hidden it somewhere…

  3. awesome buy on the doll!!! I don’t even have one T_T; They’re too expensive for me *sad* I remember playing the pokemon red/blue when it was on the old gameboy advanced lol I remember playing on it during play time in school –super geek!!!– XD I still like pokemon..well, I mean, i still like the concept of the pokemon world. I always thought the pokemon world was so much funner than the real world ^^; Too bad it got super popular in the states and I lost interest because it didn’t felt special anymore :P

    Oh and yea, I’ve been to Australia once… I think it was 3 years ago. I might be visiting again later this year..around July..but it depends :3

    • Vermillion Reply

      Thanks :teehee Well, most of my income goes to my hobbies, clothing or food since I live at home, so I have money to spend :sweat2 I just get these urges which I musssst buy things and then I end up with them lol :nuhah Need to have more control on my spending :irmad

      I think Pokemon is interesting, I like to follow the storyline of the games :starr

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