Hey everyone~ Semester 1 has just started so I don’t think I’ll be blogging as much (well about going out mainly) as I don’t really go out during when uni starts lol :92 (which is why I also joined clubs, so I have things to do on campus XD) So I thought I’ll just quickly post about the items I got from Sasa. I haven’t used all the items yet, so I’m sorry I can’t really comment on them. But I shall try to later on.

It was my first time to order from them, pretty pleased overall with the experience :) The items are well packaged – bubble wrap around the items and foam stuffing in the box kirakira Please excuse the lighting in the photos, I was in the middle of cleaning my room at the time so I had to take the photos elsewhere :emb

The items I was most excited for were Tsubasa’s Dolly Wink eyelashes :teehee I guess I went a bit crazy and bought a lot lol :OMGNOWAI Though 2 pairs are for my sister :lol I really love Tsubasa’s range and her fashion :glee5

Nearly complete collection :3

The upper lashes are so long lol, I need to cut them to fit my eye X’D But I like the bottom lashes, all so cute :starr I will try to get a photo with me wearing them…oneday :bunphoto . I usually wear fake eyelashes when I wear circle lenses which is usually when I go out. I don’t really like wearing makeup at uni (also since I’m lazy HAH :9 )

I’m sorry that I haven’t linked to the product pages directly, I just spent my time doing it and WordPress erased it :nothappyjan So here’s the Koji page!

No. 7 Vivid Pop & No. 2 Sweet Girly
Back shot

No. 1 Dolly Sweet & No. 8 Pure Little
Back shot
No. 4 Feminine Style & No. 6 Baby Cute
Back shot

And moving on from Dolly Wink:heart2

COSMAGIC Visual Up Brow (BR02) US$12.50

I mainly bought this to match my eyebrows with a wig when I cosplay, thought I do hope to dye my hair a very light colour :drool It’s really easy to use ^^

SPRING HEART Eyelash Fix - $1.80

This is my fav eyelash glue, though it’s very small. Since the Dolly Wink eyelashes come with glue, I thought one would be enough…but I forgot how small it was! :sweat Now I remember for next time haha :orange

FACE Face Oil Remover Film - 1.60

I really like this, it reminds me of the Clean and Clear (blue) oil blotting papers as it’s blue and doesn’t really feel like paper :heart4 It removes the oil well :D

Oil Control Tissue - $1.80

I haven’t used this yet , so can’t comment :sweat2

Freebie I got :wheeeeee

And finally the end…X’D Hopefully I will blog again on Friday if I can ahold of the Popteen issue for April :bunchuu


  1. Wonderful haul! I love everything Tsubasa. She’s so pretty. *o* I recently bought some Dolly Wink lashes, too–No. 1 and No. 5. Can’t wait to try them on! n_n

    • Vermillion Reply

      Tsubasa is awesome isn’t she? *___* I hope you receive yours soon!

  2. Omg! I agree with the Spring Heart eyelash glue. I used that and it was great – but it doesn’t really dry clear (mostly because I had blobs of glue here and there :S). Suki products are also great for their price. The only reason why I don’t like Sasa is because I don’t like how they fail to inform you when they are doing stocktake or relocating so you end up waiting one month+ sometimes – I really rather they refund money first, rather than hang onto the money and then send it out later.

    • Vermillion Reply

      Oh, I’ve never had any problems with that glue, maybe I’ll try the black glue by Koji lol.

      Yeh, I’ve heard that about Sasa, does it happen often though? o_o

  3. Hmmm Sasa does their stocktake once a year so if you’re ordering around then (I can’t remember when it is D:…) you’re bound to wait for at least a month. The moving warehouse thing might be once in a few years due to rent contracts or whatnot, but yeah, definitely it happens at least once a year >_<

  4. Hey, I’ve seen this post on soompi before! Just want to drop by and say hi because I also found you a couple of times on AsiaJam. :3

    You are so lucky to be able to get all of them at once! Sasa have the best price! But they always go out of stock. :

    I have No.2, I looked kind of…demonic with it though. xD; (was trying it out for cosplay makeup)

    These looks good on Tsubasa, but looks scary on me. – -;

    • Vermillion Reply

      Yeh I know, I want to get the pair of bottom lashes which I didn’t get..& now they’re not on there D: Those look scary on me too lol. I think coz my eyes are small? LOL

      • I think it would look better on someone with deeper crease…I don’t think I have any crease at all. xD

        I have to wear eyetape in conjunction with false lashes, otherwise the false lashes won’t stay on as well. x___x

        I really like your hauls by the way, especially the Gmarket ones. And when you did your goroke haul, did you buy from them directly? (like without shopping service)

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