I can’t believe I’ve finally got it lol! :bunmail I’ve been waiting since Feb. I’ve already posted about my first impressions of the console, so I thought I’ll just spam today with pics :DS Incase you haven’t noticed, I prefer to post photos anyways haha :9 So today’s post won’t be that informative. I’ll probably elaborate later on, I’ve got assessments piling up so I haven’t much time to look at everything throughly :emb


I’m currently thinking of trading Rayman to get Samurai Warriors :) Anyone know if you can get more money if the game is traded unopened? :sweat2



The blue is much darker – looks more like a glittery dark green/blue and the surface is more reflective. It seems to photograph much lighter lol :swirl

Contents of the box

Today I mainly played around with the Mii and AR games :drool The AR games was the feature that pushed me to buy the console. Again I’ll say if you have the chance to play with a 3DS, you must try out the AR Games :starr
Please add me :D

Link on my netbook haha

So summing up a bit about the console-

  • Get a case for it – I’ve already managed to scratch mine…lolololol :somad
  • Charging stand feels kinda cheaply made. I don’t see why you need to use it? Like I always played my DSi with it plugged in.
  • Camera is crappy as. You can see from my photos that there’s a lot of noise in the photos and it wasn’t even taken at night/dusk.
  • Stylus is in a really awkward position. It takes me a while to get it out :sweat
  • AR Games are awesome :heart2
  • D pad is awesome – it’s really smooth to use


  1. lol my brother got the 3DS the day it came out too…
    I played on it just a bit…
    sadly…I couldn’t locate where the stylus is! wtpluck XD hahaha How embarrassing =w=;; I didn’t test out the camera because I went straight to playing Street Fighter rofl XD

    • Vermillion Reply

      Nawww kirakira I think the stylus is in a weird place, I liked where it was on the DSi.

  2. OMC (Oh my cute?!)
    I adore your blog girl; I have BJDs too and I work so hard to take care of them. MoMo, Raiu, Hikari, and Tsuki San. I speak Japanese and English, and also a little bit of Little Brother. I followed your blog, girl. Care to give some love to mine? Be our 68th follower?


    • Vermillion Reply

      Hello, always nice to meet a fellow bjd collector!


  3. OMG You lucky girl! I need a DS to D: I’m looking for a DS Lite right now, but it still a little expensive to me :x
    I love your blog ? And you are one of my to 5 favorite blogs! I come here every day, but I’m to shy to comment… So, please keep your blog runnig! It makes me really happy! :D

    • Vermillion Reply

      Thank you! Please don’t be shy XD I like your blog too, though I’m sorry I can’t understand it.

  4. I hate the stylus location. Just like the very first DS!! DX and people complained so I was thankful that the DS Lite moved it (similar to where it is on DSi and 3DS XL)


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