Wow, I totally got caught up with things that I didn’t have time to update here :sweat Reading about what happened in Japan was a bit depressing and then I had assessments & was busy the whole weeke :sweat2 I wanted to say last week that I send my wishes to everyone in Japan :heart2 My Japanese cultural club, Wasabi, had a BBQ fundraiser and people with donation boxes on Monday and they managed to raise $4000 in roughly 2 hours !!!!! I think that’s awesome and shows the spirit of our community HAPPY Here’s a small snippet about it in the newsletter.

Last weekend was jampacked for me. This year I’ve joined the staff of Animania and we just had our first event for the year last Sat. I’m just an assistant for the ball jointed doll table :3 Studying at uni for 5 days a week means that I can’t work often (I only work 1 shift/week :92 /lazy) so I thought I should get some volunteer experience under my belt :starr

I love the logo on the tee :D

It was a pretty fun event, was great to see everyone cosplaying and bringing their dolls :) I was surprised to see the place pretty full despite the horrible weather we had :umbrella But I haven’t been to the March event for like 2 years so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had to stay at the table all day since we had no volunteers to rotate watching the table with. But that was ok since the day went by pretty fast :buncheer

I was going to cosplay but then I forgot to buy the wig I needed in time :buuu Since it was the smaller event, A and I just decorated the tables and I made signs lol :lol2 Can you spot them? :prince It took us like 2~3 hours to set everything up though :emb

Crooked photo ftw :B

Mascot for our section? I think he's doing something for each section lol.

I mainly go to anime/manga conventions for the bjds so I didn’t take many photos of cosplayers :sweat2 Also I’m better at taking photos of dolls than people :lol2


  1. Ahh the Japanese club at my uni had a BBQ every single day of the week to help raise funds for Japan ! …even though it’s been raining pretty heavily lately ;A; heh.

    Ahhhh Dream of Dolls !! <3 I absolutely love themmm *-*

    • Vermillion Reply

      That’s great to hear! We were lucky that the rain cleared up for our BBQ :3

  2. wow adorable! We don’t have such organization/club here =( I would so join if we had one. Btw, I never had the chance to tweet you back in time, how do you pronounce your name? XDD; Sorry, I’ve always just called you by your site’s name lol ^^;;;

    nyuu: “oh, patisserie rabbit commented on my post =D YAY”

    • Vermillion Reply

      Oh I see XD I think it’s like Ver-mi-li-on? :)

  3. i like the last pic! :D
    the mini beatrix potter plushies were so cute! >.<
    && the candles were cool +____+

    • Vermillion Reply

      Haha I know right? I need to ask her where she bought them form +w+

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