It’s been a while since I’ve bought magazine :92 I prefer to stick to buying one magazine (which has been frankie for a while), but I’ve been loving the past few issues of Popteen, so I thought I’ll start buying it again :suki

Kumicky is on this month’s cover and it looks like she’s wearing Tsubasa’s Bambi Green lens. I really want to get them leakingtears And this issue seems to be…really pink :bow2 I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t seen an issue in person for a while but I was like OMG IT’S SO BRIGGHHHHTT :OMG ๏ฟฝwhen I first opened the mag :lol2

???????  2011? 03??

I really like this issue HAPPY It’s full chock full of cute coordinates :starr , recipes (for your Valentine/s :cupcake ) and next purchase ideas haha :shinygreen

???????  2011? 03??
Okarie~ +_+

Okarie (Rie Matsuoka) is one of my favourite models kirakira This spread is promoting new items from her store. :3

???????  2011? 03??
Bow ties apparently will be a boom in Spring?

???????  2011? 03??

There are a looooot of receipes, so if you like making desserts I think it’ll be great to get for decorating ideas :cutlery

???????  2011? 03??
They look really nice and tasty :D

???????  2011? 03??

I love it when they review false eyelashes :eyelashes and show you how they use them :heart3

???????  2011? 03??

There’s also a few pages of the brand WC. I really like their Nordic cardigan :sweat
???????  2011? 03??

I’m starting to really like their items, though they seem to sell out fast :buntears

If anyone wants to see anything else I don’t mind scanning some pages..XD Though full scans of the magazines should be floating around the net in a few days :prince

Also I promise the Gmarket review will be posted next week :huuu I’ve been busy with work and uni enrollment so I didn’t have much time to try everything out :sweat2 The weather has also been crazily hot :fan so I didn’t feel like doing much lol.


  1. haha, everytime i walk past the magazine section popteen always catches my attention because it’s so pink! ด?` i always stand there and think ‘should i buy it?’ and then i walk away because i’m too poor. :’C i really need a job.. ==;;
    woahh~~ the bow ties are cute && ank rouge school uniformsss~ +___+

  2. Ahhh *-* I think I’m going to go buy a Popteen magazine the next time I go to the city ^-^! I love looking at all their co-ords! And I really want to grab this one cos of the Valentine special ! heheh <3

  3. thank you for returning a comment on my blog ^^ I do enjoy your blog so I’ll be continuing to visit often :3 Ne…its kumicky on the front cover again X3;;; She seems to be on every cover @_@;;; But I can understand why, she’s very pretty ^^ but it would be nice to see other models too.

    I rarely buy magazines… and when I do make a purchase like popteen or Cawaii… the MAIN reason why I bought because of the free gift XD lol Yes, when I go to the bookstore I do not look at what articles or topics the magazine will discuss..instead I stare at the corners of each magazine to see what gift is inside the magazine X3;; I’m horrible, but I rather not pay so much for shiny papers filled with pretty clothings/accessories that I cant afford.

  4. The false eyelashes page looks awesome! And there’s Liz Lisa stuff in it too? I gotta get my hands on a copy of this xD

    • Vermillion Reply

      Yes there is! There’s a little booklet which was very pink XD From memory it was like a fairy theme or something lol.

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