Today was the start of the O-week (orientation week…though it lasts for 3 days :lol2 ) for my uni so I went along to join clubs and check out the place :92 My first impression was that there were so many stalls :OMG If you’re curious, here’s how many clubs that are currently formed lol. At first it was cold and rainy :umbrella but then it cleared and warmed up. Sydney weather is becoming really weird :nyoro

In front of the Main Quad

I just chose to join 3 clubs – the photography, Japanese and anime club :9 I also wanted to join the tea and chocolate society but I don’t think I’ll have time to participate in 5 clubs :OMGNOWAI I want to improve on my photography skills and Japanese so I thought those would be good to join. Even though I’m not into anime/manga as I was like 6 years ago I thought it’ll be fun to join since I help out conventions now :deer So it’s probably good to see what’s going on/popular XD I usually only watch/read anime/manga when it’s my Summer vacation since I have nothing else to do :bunchuu My current addiction is Sengoku Basara awesomepoop /ramblesoff

Clubs that I joined :D

I also got this showbag as a result of joining the uni union which cost me my mum $110 for 1 year membership lol :| But I really wanted to join clubs and this year the made it mandatory to join the union otherwise we couldn’t join clubs NG I really like the bag they gave though haha :drool

Yay freebies~ :sunniesοΏ½

I also got these shorts from Dotti. I’m in love with their current range :heart3

Came with the belt :3

I really like the Oji-girl/ojikawa style at the moment, so I’m trying to buy items for that trend :) Can’t wait for Autumn/Winter :teehee


  1. Your university orientation day looks so cool! There are so many clubs and they’re much more established than the ones at my tiny university. Do you find yourself liking this university more than your current one? And have you decided on a major yet :3?

    Cute shorts! I’ve been trying to look for something similar :X

    • Vermillion Reply

      Haha I definitely like this university more. There’s so much more opportunities available HAPPY Well I’m sure I want to major in Japanese. I’ve taken some science subjects, so I guess if I enjoy it, I’ll try to transfer to double major in them.

    And yay you joined the Anime club hehehe. Last year, I joined the Anime club, Japanese club and ASEAN (which is like Australian+SouthEast Asian Nations?!) ….pretty much a club of asians that like to club and drink v.v so hahaha didn’t do much with them xD

    but yey~! I just blogged about o-week too xD

    • Vermillion Reply

      Ahh I see +w+ I’ll go check out your blog :zoom1

  3. It’s a shame we dont have any clubs and afterschool activities like that. I’d love to join the japanese or chocolate club. This is a great way to find people with shared interests and thus a lot of new friends ;D

    • Vermillion Reply

      Yeh, that’s one of reasons for me to join them XD Though actually most activities seem to take during the day. On Thursday I’ve already got all 3 events clashing lol :sweat2

  4. i read this post already, but I guess I forgot to leave a comment T_T;; I regret not joining any clubs..but then again I see myself not showing up for meetings lol
    I’ve always liked the oji-girl style XD But I don’t wanna dress in that style completely because I’m only young for so short amount of time XD I dont want to regret not wearing clothes for my age range.

    • Vermillion Reply

      Hmm I just noticed you said you recently graduated from uni on your blog? So I guess you’re around 21? I would say this style is like for late teens/twenties judging by the magazines that promote it XD Usually I just wear whatever I like :3

      So far I’ve had fun with my clubs :D Though some events clash already D:

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