Just a warning: This post may be nerdy lol :satisfied

Last night I went with my friend to the Nintendo Connection booth in Myer Pitt St to see the Nintendo 3DS and I was blown away lol awesomepoop I wasn’t really impressed by the games that are getting released initially and didn’t have much expectations of the console. I thought it was just going to be like a better version of my DSi but it isn’t. It’s like something brand new :OMGNOWAI The graphics areΒ INCREDIBLE so much better than my DSI lol :OMG It’s like my plasma tv has been fitted into a handheld :soshocked I didn’t expect that the graphics would show up so vibrant and clear.

They didn’t let us take photos of the games, so I’m sorry that I don’t have any photos of them NG

Nintendo 3DS Australia

Release date: 31st March

RRP: $350 (or $349.95 lol)

My friend holding the Cosmo Black version :teehee

Viewing games in 3D is pretty interesting. The characters don’t like jump out at you, but it gives more of a feeling that the background has depth. When you transition the game from 3D to 2D it’s a nice gradual change but you can see the difference :starr I think it’s a nice touch, but I’m more interested about the games being released for the console :curls

The feature that impressed me the most last night are the AR Games. You take a photo of the AR Card and it activates a game :D I’m not sure how to explain it properly, so please watch the video of someone else playing it :meatbun: It’s really fun and something different :lol2

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKS0caNPR4o’]

So last night I went from thinking I might get this console later to OMG I MUST GET IT AT LAUNCH :shinygreen I preordered the Aqua Blue one from Dick Smith for $283.10 (I got a coupon code too) chuchu: They currently have the best deal in Australia! :zoom4 (The RRP for the 3DS in Aust is $350 which sucks….why $100 more than the US? :sweat2 ).

3DS in Aqua Blue

I also got the Rayman 3D game, though I admit I have no idea what it’s about but it seems like a game I might like. I’m not really impressed by the games that you can get with the consoles lol :argh I’m dying for Animal Crossing 3D to come out. :sobb2 But I got the console for a good price so I’m not too fussed about it :)

And here is my current list of 3DS games that I’m keeping an eye out on and plan to buy (if they get released in English/Australia). I’m mainly excited for these games though.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPLfthRsiQM’]


Animal Crossing 3DS

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdNiuvuypH4′]

If you have the chance to play it, I highly recommend you do so. It really is mindblowing :shinyred I can’t believe that 10 years ago I was playing with my Gameboy Colour. I never would have thought such a thing was possible XD


  1. I hate the pricing in Australia. Why is it so much more than US?! *SOBSOB
    but the James Noir game~~ i want to play it! the trailer draws me in so much *o*

    • Vermillion Reply

      Haha yeh I know….=-= I’m pretty disappointed with the RRP here. But the awesome games that are gonna get released on it.. :zoom1

  2. Really cute blog you have here! And I love your url name.

    I’ve been thinking about whether to get the 3DS also, I think it’s a little pricey. Maybe I’ll just stick to my DS and wait a year or so before getting it. I more than enough unfinished DS games to tie me over!

    • Vermillion Reply

      Thank you!

      Haha well I’m really excited for the 3DS and got it preordered for a great price, so I thought why not? Also working in the Summer holidays = more money to spend XD

  3. Really, the nintendo 3DS looks really amazing XD It sure is expensive but then again, the nintendo 3DS is worth it xD

    • Vermillion Reply

      Hehe well I think it’s worth it :glee5 I love playing video games so I know that it needs to be in my collection :DS

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