I’m so sorry for delay in posting this, but here it is! :) I’ve been so busy with work, can’t wait for uni to start again haha :starr Please see this link for the links to sellers :zoom4

Timeline - 2011

14/Jan – Ordered items

14~17/Jan – Sellers started to ship out the items

21/Jan – Item got cancelled

22/Jan – Package got shipped out

27/Jan – Received package

For some reason the package got delayed at the Sydney airport lol. This time it wasn’t as fast due to the seller cancelling a item (was for my sister) leakingtears I experienced it once before, I guess maybe they miscalculate their stock or something. But I still got everything in 2 weeks which was great :bunny

Battered Box D:
Item Reviews

:bow3 Rating: 10/10
:bow2 Comments: Very cute and sturdy! It also comes with a wall calendar :3 Great for keeping tabs on important dates. The seller gifted me a pack of stickers which I loooove :heart2 It has vintage and deco type stickers.

Middle: Etude House – 66 Big Eye Line Charm
Right: Baviphat

Etude House – 66 Big Eye Line Charm

:bow3 Rating: 9/10
:bow2 Comments: It’s pretty simple to use, thought I found that the glue didn’t last that long? lol. They also gave me a sample :deer

Baviphat Magic Girls Magic BB Cream (Fresh for Oily Skin)

:bow3 Rating: 10/10
:bow2 Comments: I’ve only bought BB cream once before but I didn’t like it. But I love this! :9 It matches my skin tone well and has a matte effect. It was easily to apply and I would say the coverage is medium :happy2

Left: Peripera EasyWear Gel Eyeliner (black)
Right: Peripera Smile Fit Blush #5

Peripera EasyWear Gel Eyeliner
:bow3 Rating: 9/10
:bow2 Comments: It’s nice and easy to apply though I found it a little dry. I haven’t really used it much yet (Love my Palty gel eyeliner :teehee ).

Peripera Smile Fit Blush #5
:bow3 Rating: 10/10
:bow2 Comments: This is one of my fav items from this haul awesomepoop I just the way it’s designed haha. It has a mirror inside and comes with a brush :glee8 The blush isn’t too sparkly and pigmented. I prefer it that way so I can control how much I put on haha

(this was taken with flash)

Rabbit Ring (silver)
:bow3 Rating: 10/10
:bow2 Comments: This is so cute isn’t it? :glee3 It’s nice and looks just like the stock photos so I don’t really have much to say about it. Though it is a bit big for me, but I already go the smallest size so nothing wrong with that :lol2

Korilakkuma iPhone 3Gs case
:bow3 Rating: 9/10
:bow2 Comments: This is one of my favourite characters haha kirakira It’s so cute and comes with a screen protector but it can crack easily so becareful! :buntears If you’re looking for something durable, it’s probably best to go for something else.

And that wraps up my mini review lol :dance My Sasa package has already been collected by a friend, so I will try to post up a review by next week.


    • Vermillion Reply

      Thanks Blake :3 Yeh the box seems to keep changing now XD

  1. I love this review ^^~ it’s great to know when someone gives online buying the thumbs up!

    P.S Palty gel liner is fantastic isn’t it :D

    • Vermillion Reply

      Haha I’m addicted to buying online :shinyred
      And yes :heart That’s one of my favourite eyeliners~ So smooth to apply :eyeliner

  2. Nice haulage! Thanks for reviewing the Baviphat BB Cream, it looks really good on you *_* Application must be really smooth and nice!

  3. NESS!!! I want that rabbit ring!! Can you please order it for me and I’ll give you money? :) TEXT ME BEBE! xxxxo

  4. Awww,you are a cutie!^__^*
    I wanted exact the same iphone case!~ LOVE Rilakkuma!<3<3<3
    The blush looks really pretty!*-*

  5. I love receving goodies in the mail! It’s always so exciting, like Christmas came early something.

    The stickers look beautiful! I love it when sellers throw in a little extra, it’s so sweet of them, although I can’t say that it’s ever happened to me though -_-

  6. ohh i’ve always wanted to make a purchase from gmarket!!! *admires your posts* I’ve been wanting to give BB cream another chance because like you the first time I tried it it wasn’t that good. I’m curious with the BB cream you bought…it’s medium coverage? Is it like MAC’s foundations? Can you give a comparison to another foundation? :3
    I absolutely love the rabbit ring <3
    haha I've been wondering if i should buy new stuff from sasa…but i really need to stop shopping; especially, on sasa.

    • Vermillion Reply

      I’m sorry~ I’ve never bought from MAC before lol T^T; I think it has a pinkish tone? Which BB cream did you buy?

      Hehe, buying from Sasa took around 2 weeks for me because of Chinese New Year. But they package everything well and I love how they don’t mark up the prices? ^^

  7. You have sucha cute hairstyle and I love your glasses! I always want i-phone just because of their cute cases I’m so jealous! They don’t make any rillakkuma (or anything – period) covers for my phone lol. Well I just came across your site ~ and I love looking at haul pictures~ so I had to leave my comment for you haha! You got such cool stuff in your haul ~ I especially love the diary book, I wonder don’t you find such cool planners outside Asia!? I got one from the “EAT DIARY” series – each color represents a different food! (Yellow is EAT BANANA, Green is EAT TEA) I want every year a new color haha.


    • Vermillion Reply

      Hello! C: Well thank you for commenting, it’s always nice to know that people find your posts interesting :3 I mainly got the iPhone for the apps they have but I’m glad it’s popular since companies like San-x produce covers for them.

      I know, planners from Asia always are so much cuter aren’t they? X’D

  8. awh i love the blush and the mini brush ^^ nice item haul and review and the rabbit ring is adorable! i want it ^^

  9. Hey Reita, it’s yugidogz from AsiaJam! ^^

    Everything you got is so so cute! I’m in the middle of doing an order with G-MARKET right now hehe. It’s so hard trying to figure out what goes in the cart and what needs to be left behind because it starts adding up so fast fuu~ >< Let me know how the moistful mask is! I was gonna buy the bottle (er, is that the right word?) version hahaha. So excited to try out Etude products!!

    The bunny ring is also suuuuper cute *___*

    • Vermillion Reply

      Hi~ :] I know, I always find it hard to restrict myself from over buying on Gmarket. I really love their items and since sometimes I can’t find items similar here it’s so hard to choose *____*

      And sure I will ^^ I like Etude House, decently priced and cute packaging lol.

  10. Hiya~ I love all the stuff you receive! The bunny ring is so cute! Where did you get that?! Love your reviews on everything! It allows me to know how they look and stuff! So cute on you!! & how did you apply your Baviphat BB cream to get the nice coverage you got? :] I want to try that BB cream but.. unsure if I’ll use it correctly but it looks great on you!

    • Vermillion Reply

      Hey & thanks! :)
      I got the ring from this seller.
      I applied the BB cream with my fingers, it’s very smooth and spreads pretty well ^^

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