Guess who got their hair dyed? !!!!!

Scary photo..lols.

Yeh….first time to dye my hair at 20 lol. My mum’s kinda :nuuu: about this issue so I was happy when she let me today lol HAPPY It’s a really dark colour and you can only see it in the sun anyways :bunsun

Thanks to the suggestions people commented on here and from my friends on facebook, but my friend’s friend contacted me afterall. She works at Mars Hair. It’s kinda small but the interior is nice :meatbun:

& just a warning that now I can take nicer photos…I will be filling up my posts with them :shinyred Within reason of course :3

Waiting to get my hair dyed

The hairdresser was very nice :) Because I was her hair model today I just had to pay for cost to dye my hair (but even that was discounted :dance ). It took so long to thin my hair though…like 40mins LOL I guess that’s what happens when I don’t get it cut for 6 months :OMGNOWAI

Since it was my first time to dye my hair, she said it’s better to go with a dark colour. But I hope to dye it like Milk Tea Brown oneday.. :heart2

After that I went to eat at Pepper Lunch. I don’t really eat there often but my sister likes to go there.

They have a nice selection in their Happy Hour menu :cutlery I ordered a hamburger with egg and my sister had some curry rice thing? I don’t really remember what it was called lol :buuu

I love hambagu steak +_+
This is what my sis ate...corn nomnomnom *3*

Also, my Gmarket package has been sent. Hopefully I will get it tomorrow… It reached Sydney on Sunday but Auspost hasn’t done anything about it :nothappyjan


  1. I think that’s curry chicken. I get that all the time when I’m there :P

  2. O: how much did it cost to dye your hair? Been researching prices :3

    • Vermillion Reply

      $50 >:’) If you want to contact her, just tell me. She doesn’t mind getting more people to practice on lol. Just that she doesn’t do this all the time so you have to tell her in advance :3

  3. Man…I can’t get enough of the pictures you take with the new camera xD

    I don’t think that my parents would let me dye my hair…EVER LOL

  4. Whoo! Great pictures and loving the new cut!
    Thanks fro dropping by my site – and continue with the photography! Loving the clean colours!


  5. The interior of the salon is gorgeous <3 And I'm very envious with the HQ quality of your photos xD

  6. Awww, you new hair color looks amazing!^__^*
    & I like your haircut!<3
    hahahaha, my mum is also a little against with dyeing my hair!XD
    I'm 16 now, maybe she would let me when i get 20!;D

    Cute post~
    And thank you for following my blog!^-^/

    • Vermillion Reply

      Thanks, and no problem :teehee

      Hmm maybe, though I’m the eldest so I guess my mum’s more strict with me. My sister’s your age and also wants to dye her hair :92

  7. Lovely lovely! I’m happy for you. As for me, my mom let me dye my hair when I was a teenager (at a salon, of course). She has never been strict about my hair color or style. But I have the feeling she was just glad I was interested in changing my hair and not getting new piercings or tattoos ;)

    • Vermillion Reply

      TY. I guess parents are different in what they are strict on XD

  8. You look great with short hair, and haha, it’s better to start out darker (and closer to your natural hair color) than to start out too light and regretting it. The food looks delicious, it’s making me hungry, hahaha.

  9. You guys have a Pepper Lunch too!? Gaaaaah spoiled lucky city!!

    You can tell the color actually, it’s subtle but there!

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