Today was a busy day! :teehee I hung out with my buddies from high school and we went around the city eating food and window shopping haha :lol First of all I want to blog about Mother’s Crepe! awesomepoop So I’m sorry this post is going to be a bit jumbled up :prince I’d never heard of them before my friends told me and I wish I had discovered it sooner. :deer

Mother's Crepe
It's located in World Square, Sydney.

I ordered a Green Tea Shiratama Azuki. It’s so tasty! I love green tea icecream and there’s was very creamy :heart4 It also had cream, mochi and red beans. :glee8

Mother's Crepe

Mother's Crepe

Here are some other photos of the stall. It’s very cute :) If any Sydney-siders are reading this, I highlyrecommendthat you try out their food. There are more photos on my flickr, since I don’t want to spam people with photos :9

Mother's Crepe

Mother's Crepe

Mother's Crepe

Mother's Crepe

The crepe is cooking!

For we went to have lunch at Mappen. I love eating there since it’s cheap and the food is tasty! I love getting value for my money and the food is pretty filling :satisfied

I had bukkake ramen with sweet potato and a soft boiled egg tempura :cutlery Sweet potato tempura is my favourite :suki


And also I’m now officially enrolled at USYD :zoom1 I went earlier today to enroll in person…took me like an hour since I had to go around to the different departments to ask questions :whoosh One of the things I love about the campus is how pretty it looks :glee7

City view

It’s also very big, hopefully my classes won’t be too far from each other :lol2

And that was bascially how I spent my day haha :heart2


  1. The crepes look really good. I’m in Melbourne so I don’t think they have that here, I’ve never seen it before. A bit sad, since I love crepes. And the campus looks massive and grand O:

    • Lol sorry this is a bit random, but you have crepes in Melbourne! It’s a little store named Harajuku in one of the alleyways into Melbourne Central off one of the main streets (forgot the name). It’s next to Lord of the Flies/ Boost! :D

  2. All this food looks so yummy!~
    Especially the ICE CREAM!^__^*
    &The photos you toke are really pretty!<3

  3. Your pictures are so lovely! And that crepe looks soooo yummy! There are crepe places where I live, but they’re not as packed with yummies that that :O And your campus looks really nice! My university isn’t too old so we don’t have giant historic-looking buildings like that o_o~

    • Vermillion Reply

      Thanks you! :glee5 I think my university is the oldest in Aust hence the buildings :bunny

  4. I need to try Mother’s Crepes ;_; But everytime I see it there’s a line and nowhere to sit and eat so I get discouraged ToT

    • Vermillion Reply

      You totally should! :buncheer We sat upstairs, like outside of Typo lol.

  5. Mmmm the food looks so yummmmmyy.
    Mother’s Crepes sounds like a crepe store we have in Melbourne called “Harajuku Crepes’! They all have the same displays hehe x)

    And eee your uni looks so nice. <3
    Mine has a more "modern" look to it :s so I don't get to enter pretty old kind of buildings :(

  6. AH HA!! I found you! You’re the one who got me looking at BJD’s xD And I finally bought one. AND OMG YOU HAVE A BIJOU!! I’m trying to save up for one to be my girl’s little brother :D

    And your blog is so cute!! :D

    • Vermillion Reply

      I got you into bjds? Interesting XD Bijou? Well I have a Bisou (maybe you have a typing error? :9), though I’m planning to sell him soon. I prefer to get a Bluefairy SF instead lol :starr Good luck saving up, and thank you !!!!!

        • Vermillion Reply

          Sure if you want too XD But I’ll be posting him on DOA first~ I’m just waiting for my facemarks from LeekeWorld to arrive :3

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