I was actually going to post about something else before I posted this, but I’ll just quickly blog about thisย  :3

A few hours ago I picked up my DSLR, the Canon 550d (Also known as the Rebel T2i / Kiss X4) :glee5 I’m so happy since it’s my first camera! The camera I used to use is our family one, and we’ve had it like for 6 years lol. I was actually planning to buy it next week, but the price went down by like $50 so I thought I’ld better quicky snatch one up :hearteye2

The box :D
CDs and booklets it came with

Inside the box :bow4

It’s so awesome,ย I love how my photos come out crisp. I can’t really comment on anything else since I don’t really know how to use it yet leakingtears But I will soon haha~ Time to join the photography club. Here are some photos that taken today.

I love taking shots of the sky
Shot by my sister


  1. *-* The camera shots are soooooo good!
    I really want a DSLR too but not enough money atm~ and I only recently got a new point&shoot anyway :( But seriously! Can’t wait to see more photos *-*

    • Vermillion Reply

      Thanks! I’m going to take more photos tomorrow :3 It took me most of Jan to save up for it lol~ ;A;

  2. Ohhhh what a lovely camera <3 The photos are really amazing! :) I hope you'll share more photos soon :D

  3. Haha, you just got your DSLR and your pictures already look better than mine DX~ *jealous* Congrats on your first DSLR though :D

    • Vermillion Reply

      Thank you & good luck saving ^^ It’s totally worth it to get one.

  4. Congratulations! I’ve been wanting one too, but I heard it’s pretty confusing for first timers to use. Your pictures look amazing <3

    • Vermillion Reply

      Thanks! Yeh, I’m still learning how to use it lol. I mainly use auto mode atm leakingtears

  5. Oooohh, I LOVE the last 2~~ Espicially the 2nd last one. XD

    I’m getting the same camera soon!

    • Vermillion Reply

      Cool~ I’m sure you’ll have heaps of fun with it :heart3

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