Today I placed an order with Taobao using the service Taobaonow :glee5. I’m not going to add all  the links because I’m still waiting for a confirmation that the items I ordered are available. One thing I’m not happy about on Taobao is that some sellers list items or colour as avaliable when they’re not :gloom But my experience with Taobaonow so far has been excellent, I really like the cart and communication system they have implemented :glee2

I guess you could say I went a bit doll item crazy :huuu As always, I’m pretty picky with what I like but when I saw what they had on Taobao I couldn’t resist :nyoro I just hope everything fits them.

Too many blue eyes, I need to move onto other colours haha =o=

And these are the 2 items I got for myself haha :buncheer

So far, the items and service fees are around $160 which isn’t too bad. I can’t wait for everything :3


  1. ooohhh~~ lots of eyes!

    ahh. that floral fabric has been used everywhere xD
    my sling bag that i got from sportsgirl has it C:

    • Vermillion Reply

      Yes, you can never have too many doll eyes 8D

      I like floral prints C: Yeh I liked that bag of yours xD You had it at SMASH! right? ^^

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